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How Nigerian Man Instituted Lesbianism Case Against Wife, Omolara Pitt



Omolara Pitt

A Nigerian woman, Omolara Pitt has recounted how herself and former husband, Mr Pitt had a trip to the United States to resolve marriage related issues after caught in the act of lesbianism.

Investigation revealed that the duo had been in America to look for practical solutions to ending the long term feud that plagued their marriage but to her surprise, brother to her husband has reported a case of a Lesbianism against her.

“I became so tired of life when I discovered my ex-husband was cheating on me. I decided to get a lesbian partner, Bose Oyewo to console myself. Unfortunately on July 12, 2018, my ex-husband and his brother, Gbenga Pitt caught us in the act.”

“Before then, we had been facing long adjournment on a divorce case I instituted but was prolonged because he still wanted our marriage.”

“In August 2018, he proposed we travel to the United States to find a lasting solution to our union rift. Getting to America, my ex-husband returned to Nigeria and his brother reported me to the police of my involvement in lesbianism and said that they would testify against me in court”

“As a country that guarantees same sex relationships, I am ready to fight this case because the rights and privileges of Women are guaranteed in the nation as advised by my sister, Adedayo Odusanwo. The divorce case has also been long decided to us going our separate ways.”

“I want to admonish young girls to look before they leap. They should be careful who they agree to sign the dotted lines with. The men of nowadays are wicked.

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