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How Medical Aid Worker Was Lured Into Boko Haram Under The Guise Of Charity



Iyabode Adijat Tadese

One of the myriads of challenges plaguing Nigeria as a country is insecurity as posted by the dreaded boko Haram sect.

Thousands of lives have been lost to serial attacks of the sect most especially in the North East part of the country.

Economic activities were affected as people leave their comfort zones to prevent boko Haram attack.

It is however a thing of concern that the sect is not limited to the northern part as it has spread tentacles to the South Western state.

Investigation conducted revealed that the sect has fashioned way of deceiving people with free ticket to the holy Land of Mecca to perform the fifth pillar of Islam One of those victims is Iyabode Adijat Tadese a community Health practitioner.

Adijat joined the group with the aim of propagating the tenets of Islam not knowing that members of her group in Ibadan the Oyo state capital are boko Haram members.

Every Sunday was a festive period at the headquarters of the group in Ibadan as leaders of the group under the guise of leisuring people to the dreaded group give alms and promise free trip to Saudi Arabia.

Of course every Muslim would want to fulfil the call to holy Land of Mecca this the group promised Adijat just like other members.

Besides, She was promised heaven and earth but rejected the offer for a free ticket to Saudi Arabia as she she got to know that the society had a link with boko Haram.

The first thing that cut the attention of the birth assistant was that every time members of the group were offered such free ticket to the said Saudi Arabia,not all of them will return.

Another thing is that nobody has been pointed to be the financier of such trip that you millions of naira.

She came back to her senses and ask the question that must members of the group go annual on a journey of no return?

If yes,has she not missed her road to the hands of ritualists,since it has become a norm within the group which no members of the group will sob for even for the next seconds.

The birth assistant rejected the free ticket to the Saudi Arabia,hence her problem with the group started.

Adijat later got to know that many who have received the free ticket were sent on suicide missions to neighbourhood states most especially the North East part of the country.

Adijat having realized that she was between life and death took the swift action of reporting to the police but her action was futile.

The situation got worse as members of the boko Haram sect threatened to kill her.

She left the comfort of her home in search of safety as the group keeps on threatening to get her no matter where she runs.

The unfortunate happened on 25th July 2018 when members of the dreaded boko Haram group stormed Adijat’s residence, it was like a war when she was called by her neighbours that hefty men and women,armed with guns, cutlasses and other ammunition with their faces covered are vandalizing her house.

They left their symbol as boko Haram group in front of the house and tagged it a no go area
Since then the certified birth assistant found her ways to the united state of America never returned to the country for the fear of been killed.

Her greatest pain is that up till today no arrest has been made with people living in fear because no one knows who the next victim can be.

The question begging for an answers is that will the country continue to loose her experts to foreign countries all in the name of insecurity?

It is high time individuals , corporate office, and legal groups tackle the menace of boko Haram and give Nigeria a good name in the comity of other nations.

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