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Group Advocates Teaching Anti-corruption To Children By Schools, Parents



Comrade Debo Adeniran

By Ayobami Agboola, Osogbo

Comrade Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman, Centre For Anti-Corruption And Open Leadership (CACOL), has tasked parents to wake up to their responsibility in shaping the next generation, by teaching their children to recognise corruption and it’s adverse effect on the development of the country.

Adeniran gave the charge on Wednesday, at a public lecture organized by CACOL to mark its fifteen years of existence, held in Osogbo, Osun state capital.

The Executive Chairman while speaking on the topic, “Curbing Corruption In Nigeria’s Political Procession” said parents have vital roles to play in the fight against corruption in the country.

While condemning some parents who had remain hellbent in the promotion of corruption in the society, Adeniran lamented that unchecked corruption, especially in Nigerian public institutions, had destroyed the people’s faith in governance and that was why people find desperate means to survive.

He said ethics and civic education must be incorporated into the curriculum, while parents, teachers and school administrators must recognize their responsibility to shape the value of the next generation by exhibiting high standards of integrity, honesty and transparency in their actions.

“Citizens are unlikely to be motivated to be combat corruption because experience suggests that nothing will change.

“A history of inept leadership have destroyed public believe in governance and created a sense of fatalism.”

He noted that new approaches should be adopted to created social incentive for collection action against corruption.

He further said that leaders must inspire faith in anti-corruption effort by implementing tangible reforms in public institutions.

He urged the Federal government to embark on program that would make corruption difficult for citizens to committee in Nigeria.

He charged government to release houses that has been ceased from those that acquire illegal properties for public use to make life more comfortable for the citizenry.

He also called on civil society, communities leaders to develop their domain and promote a national social contract that reward accountability and enforces social sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

“With the present effort of the federal government, and with the introduction of the TSA, BVN and other instruments, we believe if they are diligently implemented, people would abandon illicit properties, houses, money and several other things”

“Those who are involved in illegality would run away like some others have done, and the country will be peaceful for us.

“Those houses acquired through illicit means could be converted to public utilization that would make administration easy for government, while people would have direct access to things that will make their lives more meaningful” he said

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