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JAF Accuses FG Of Bad Governance, Calls For System Change



The Joint Action Forum (JAF) has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government of fostering bad governance on Nigerians leading to poverty, disease and under-development.

Addressing a press conference in Lagos on the state of the nation, Dr. Oladipo Fashina, chairperson of the forum, said that, “Nigeria is on the brink of disintegration and social anomie with consequences that will reverberate dangerously for the African continent.”

According to him, every part of the country is racked by violent crisis with daily loss of lives, kidnapping, arson or brigandage.

He said that when the sitting government assumed power, the country was faced with the Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast, adding that the policies of the government have led to multiplication of insurgencies in different parts of the country.

Fashina alleged that the policies of the government have led to many young Nigerians fleeing to other countries in search for greener pasture.

According to the chairperson, ethnic and religious crises have rocked communities that were thought to be immune to such crises, stating that these have led to the death of thousands of Nigerians.

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