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Nigerian Entrepreneur Makes Historic Move, Set To Launch Africa’s First Indegenous Audio-visual Classroom App



Akeem Salami

A Nigerian serial entrepreneur and the brain behind the popular Nigerian education technology Startup Company, Save-A-Lot Media Limited, Akeem Salami, is set to unveil African first indigenous audio-visual classroom App designed to help students globally learn classroom based education with ease through audio-visual mechanism.

This new scheme caters for students in Nigeria other parts of the African continent and the entire world.

The launch which is scheduled to hold on Wednesday June 19th at the Academy Halogen, Ikeja GRA in Lagos will mark the historic launch of Africa’s first indigenous education application to be introduced from Nigeria for global use.

The proposed classroom-based App, when launched will address learning and retention challenges prominent for causing massive examination failure among students.

It will help also cater for others who have dropped out of the school system, while equally reshape the existing system of learning which does not accommodate learners’ mental capacity.

CEO of Save-A-Lot Media and the originator of the App, Akeem Salami said: “We are delighted that in few days, we shall be unveiling Africa’s first ever home grown education solution to the global community.

“We shall be launching Africa’s first indigenous classroom App designed to enable students in Nigeria, other African countries and globally learn classroom based education on the go using audio-visual and mobile technology.

“When it is launched, it will be available on popular mobile App Stores. Our findings show that the problem of learning and retention are huge and are responsible for academic failures.

“As such, our design is a well thought-out novel and interactive audio-visual learning solution aimed at helping students in secondary schools, higher institutions as well as professionals including candidates for international examination achieve seamless academic excellence”.

“With our App, users will be able to learn at any time and at their own space and speed. To reduce the problem of examination failure in public examination, we have given priority to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and JAMB syllabuses in our flagship contents ready to be launched.

“It will surely be a wholesome education solution. Today, digital education is one of the new pop cultures globally and it is the way to go, especially with the increasing use of mobile phones in Nigeria and most parts of the world.”

He equally noted that the App is for all races; “Though the App is original to Nigeria and Africa, it is designed for all races and colours, because knowledge is universal. This evidence-based, virtual mobile classroom technology is our own way of contributing to the redefinition of the education sub-sector.

“We are inviting various stakeholders including students, school owners, investors and government to come witness this unique tech solution that we have developed to solve observed learning challenges.”

As this innovative idea by Akeem Salami is about to hit the global digital education space, it is on record that the serial entrepreneur about eight years ago launched into the fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) sector, when his company, Balkeem Limited stunned Nigeria’s retail food sub-sector with the introduction of packaged Garri products, branded IJEBULAWA, and Igbokwenu respectively.

This exploit was followed by the introduction of Konfam brands of snacks; popcorn, chips and chi-chin snacks. All his products are enjoying great shelf life.

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