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KLM Is A Man Of The People – Odo-Otin




When the life of a man starts to undergo some strange turn of events which to the ordinary human mind is not comprehensible, it is left to the wise to ask which type of strange luck is following such a fellow? This is not luck or strange but rather a grace.

It is no longer news that Engr. Prince Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM (KILOMODEMO) is a Commissioner designate in the cabinet of Mr. Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola from Odo-Otin Local Government Area of the State of Osun. What is news is the reaction of the people in his constituency, their reaction to the process that brought him forth, their description of KLM, the outward show of love, affection and support.

From the party leader in the local government, the party chairman and many individuals of note within the party, their responses to this vox pop was overwhelming and it says a lot about Engr. Prince Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM (KILOMODEMO) even as he gears up to take up the mantle of being a member of the Executive Council of the State of Osun Government under Mr. Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola aka ILERIOLUWA. Excerpts.

1. Comrade Chief Adepoju Oluyemi Odusola, APC Party leader Odo-Otin Local Government (Ward 10, Inisa)

The nomination of Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM was a unanimous decision of about 80 people.
30 elders from the wards, 35 state executives, women and youth leaders all endorsed his nomination.
We all decided to zone the position to Odo-Otin central since other zones have benefitted from other political appointments. So from the initial 10 which indicated interest, others withdrew and from the four that remained, KLM emerged.
Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a fine man. I regard him as my son and he has not given me any reason to think otherwise.

2. Alhaji Jimoh Aasa, APC Chairman, Odo-Otin Local Government (Ward 06, Agbeye/Oore)

We are not surprised because Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a virtuous person because he decided to relate with the elders. He is a seasoned politician who has schooled himself in the arts of politics and obeying the laid down rules of the party. Before his nomination, the role he had been playing is a testimony for everybody to see.
These were all what we thought about when the decision was reached on whom to present as our own candidate from Odo-Otin Local Government. He also has a good relationship with the governor and people in the current administration. In fact, we also discovered that the governor is his mentor.
So we the elders and members of the party decided after the whole process to present him as our own bonafide candidate for the governor’s list of nominees.
We also thank our governor for allowing the people to choose their candidates of choice for membership of his cabinet. For this, we have decided to be good disciples of Mr. Governor.

3. Baba Moyinoluwalogo Ogunwale, Vice-Chairman, Elders Committee Odo-Otin North LCDA (Ward 07, Igbaye/Ila-Odo)

When it all started, interested parties cut across all of Odo-Otin local government but we the elders decided to zone the position out. We arrived at a decision that the candidate has to emerge from Odo-Otin central. It was wittled down to four candidates and as committee chairman we observed that Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM was the most qualified educationally, politically and otherwise. We also noted his rapport with the present administration. Altogether, he is seasoned politician who can deliver.
We got together the other contestants, appeased and urged them to give his candidacy their support. The elders committee also reviewed its choice and after acceptance, KLM was prayed for.

4. Kunle Israel APC Chairman Odo-Otin North LCDA (Ward 09, Oyan)

All the party members in Odo-Otin under the leadership of Comrade Chief Adepoju Oluyemi Odusola decided to zone the candidacy for cabinet nomination to Odo-Otin central because the Deputy Chief of Staff to the governor is from Odo-Otin south and the Member representing Odo-Otin State Constituency is from Odo-Otin north.
Due to this decision, the list of interested candidates was reduced from 10 to 4 and after much screening; Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM emerged. The choice of KLM was not by imposition but was borne out of dialogue and agreement.

5. Pastor Ajala Adeniran, APC Chairman Ward 14, Oyan

I appreciate Mr. Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola, the governor of the State of Osun for his decision to allow party members have an input in his cabinet.
10 persons indicated their interest; amongst them is Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM. We decided as a party not to cheat any zone in the local council, hence Odo-Otin central was given the ticket to present a candidate of their choice.
Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM choice was not problematic. He clinched the ticket by virtue of his experience, connections, party loyalty and activities. He is also not a distant politician. He always carried the elders and other members of the party along in all his activities.

6. Deacon Emmanuel Olaniran Folorunsho, APC Elder (Ward 03, Igbaye)

The governor of the State of Osun, Mr. Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola, took a step in the right direction by entrenching democracy at the grassroots. By allowing each local government to nominate candidates for cabinet positions, we arrived at a decision to present Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM as our nominee into his cabinet.
KLM is a well bred and popular politician within and outside the local government. He is a trustworthy fellow who will not put Odo-Otin, the governor and Osun to shame.This one of the many reasons why KLM was our choice.
99 percent of Odo-Otin indigenes all know the personality of Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM. So he is our man for the job.

7. Hon. Kamil Olalere Hamzat, former Supervisory Councillor for Information and Community Development, Odo-Otin Local Government, former Youth Leader Odo-Otin Local Government and Youth leader, Osun Central Senatorial Zone (Ward 05, Ekosin)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a very nice person, a party man to the core. He emerged victorious based on his character and political antecedents.He also won the support of majority of the party members.
He is very well known to me. He is approachable and accessible to his constituency. KLM is also a philanthropist of note.
Despite the fact that I contested the nomination with him, I hold him in high regards and he has my support and co-operation.

8. Hon. Mrs. Margaret Olalere, Special Adviser/Secretary for Women and Children Affairs, Odo-Otin Local Government (Ward 02, Okuku)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM, is a well bred son. Virtuous, respectful and he does not look down on anybody no matter your status in the party.
We are thankful to Mr. Governor for endorsing him as our nominee for a cabinet position.

9. Mr. Adebowale Olaoye, former Executive Chairman Odo-Otin Local Government, party leader (Ward 02, Okuku)

I am elated that Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM emerged as our candidate for nomination into Governor Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola’s cabinet. His choice was based on the need for equitable distribution of appointments among the various wards and communities in Odo-Otin.
The old order where Inisa, Oyan and Okuku has always been the beneficiary of such largesse was jettisoned and now people can start thinking of involving other small communities within the local government.It is an interesting and unique decision.
Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM, has been very active in the politics of Odo-Otin. The nomination is a well deserved one because he is a round peg in a round hole.

10. Hon. Adeyemi Rasaq Adewale, former Member, Odo-Otin State Constituency, Osun State House of Assembly (2011-2015), pioneer Executive Secretary Odo-Otin South LCDA (Ward 12, Inisa)

If Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is not a trustworthy person, Odo-Otin would not have nominated him.
His performance within the party, his town, local government and the state has been enormous. He is a nice, consistent and hardworking man.
Before his candidacy was endorsed the process was adjudged credible. The decision was a joint one between the members of the APC in the local government and the elders. We also have the confidence that he will perform and represent us well in the state cabinet.

11. Hon. Ilyas Wahab Oladele, APC leader Faji/Opete (Ward 04, Faji/Opete)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a very good person, starting from his ward, the local government and the state. His relationship spreads across to both the party leaders and members in the local government.
As his ward leader,I can vouch for his honesty and trustworthiness. The process of his emergence was accepted by all and we believe his emrgence will usher in progress for Odo-Otin local government.
When he was in the Osun State House of Assembly, we did have not have any reason to regret and now we believe he will do better.

12. Mr. John Ade Olawale, Chairman APC Elders Committee Odo-Otin North LCDA, member APC Elders Committee Odo-Otin Local Government (Ward 14, Oyan)

The governor, Gboyega Oyetola should be commended for the novel process he adapted to compose members of his cabinet.
The process made us to pick our own person as a nominee. All the party members came together to nominate Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM.
We have faith that his nomination will bring advancement and the dividends of democracy to Odo-Otin.

13. Hon. Akintunde Yusuf, APC leader Odo-Otin local government (Ward 01, Okuku)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a nice man. Being a party man, his emergence was purely a party affair. He had the support of 28 of the 31 members of the elders caucus, 19 out of the 26 member party executive, 14 out of the 17 ward chairmen and party stakeholders. We had a level playing field to operate based on the fact that both Odo-Otin north and south had produced people for different political positions in the state.
Also, KLM had paid his dues in terms of party loyalty and we all agreed to it.

14. Hon. Isiaka Oyeniran, Deputy Leader of the House, Odo-Otin local government (Ward 01, Okuku)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a very humane and likeable person. He is very jovial and down to earth. He has the love of everybody in the local government and we believe he would be a very good representative of our local government.
The process of his emergence to me is the best that can be used at this time due to the peculiar nature of Odo-Otin. All the zones are now adequately represented.

15. Hon. Adekeye Gbenga, Vice Chairman Odo-Otin North LCDA (Ward 15B, Oyan)

The process of having a nominee in the person of Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM from Odo-Otin local government was okay. The candidate of choice is also a very good person. He is a grassroots mobiliser, a professional engineer and he is also on ground in the local government. We are very pleased with his choice.

16. Hon. Adeyemi Adelani Alayo, Leader of the House, Odo-Otin South LCDA (Ward 12, Inisa)

The procedure for bringing forth a candidate as a nominee from Odo-Otin was a normal one. Consideration was given to Odo-Otin central because both Odo-Otin north and south have candidates as House of Assembly member and Deputy Chief of Staff respectively.
Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM to me is a virtuous person, a problem solver, he never keeps malice and he is also a peace maker and a thorough bred politician too.

17. Hon. Adeyemi Adepoju, former LGEA Chairman Odo-Otin local government (Ward 03, Igbaye)

I like the approach governor Gboyega Oyetola adopted. He involved the party leaders in the selection process unlike previous administrations. The approach is excellent.
The emergence of Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM was the decision of the party leaders and since they decided he should be the person to represent us, why should we harbour any negative feeling about him. I have the belief that he will perform.

18. Bar. Moruf Oyetoro, APC Chairman Ward 08, Okua/Ekusa, Odo-Otin local government.

The process was a transparent one. Party members were duly informed and consultations were carried out from the ward to the local government level.
We all agreed to zone the position to the central part of Odo-Otin where Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM hails from particularly to the smaller towns since the big ones have had shots at political positions in the past.
KLM has vast political experiences and knowledge backed up with an engineering degree and he is also a high ranking official of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).
He is honest, sociable and amiable and also a fine human being.

19. Hon. Odenusi Oluwakemi Precious, Deputy Leader, Odo-Otin North LCDA (Ward 14, Oyan)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a good and caring person. He has the love of the people in his heart. Even his character say it all.
His emergence as nominee for Odo-Otin was wonderful and everybody endorsed it. It is commendable and should be adopted.

20. Hon. Olaniyan Funmilayo, Overall Women Leader, Odo-Otin local government (Ward 02, Okuku)

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is my political leader. He is a very good person. He is our beloved candidate.
The whole of APC in Odo-Otin local government endorsed the nomination process that is why as you can observe there is peace amongst all party members.

21. Surveyor Oluseyi Oke, APC leader in Odo-Otin local government (Ward 15, Oyan)

The governor, Gboyega Oyetola should be commended because past administrations did not give indigenous politicians a chance to be relevant. This step is one of the ways to position the party for the challenges ahead.

Hon. Adeniran Felix Ibitoye KLM is a good candidate for the position. He is the choice of the party and having paid his dues, there was no complain from anywhere in the party.

He is professionally sound and politically good. His choice is welcomed to us in the local government. I pray he will never get tired or discouraged so that he can excel in that office.

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