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My Ambition Is To Bring A Mechanised Farming To Apomu – Kingship Aspirant



By Ayobami Agboola, Osogbo

A Lagos based business mogul, Prince Olajide Adeniyi an indigene of Apomu in Isokan local government Area, Osun State has expressed concerns about the way the young  people of Apomu  are living without a better job that can transform their lives.

Prince Olajide Adeniyi

Prince Olajide Adeniyi

Adeniyi while fielding questions from journalists in Osogbo, the state capital of Osun  vowed to use everything within his capacity to bring the people of the sleepy community out of penury.

Adeniyi who hails from Ayope royal family of Apomu, is one of the princes contesting the kingship of Apomu town.

The stool of the Alapomu became vacant following the death of Oba AbdulAzeez Afolabi about for years ago.

Adeniyi stated that his ambition to ascend the throne of Alapomu was born out of his passion to bring unprecedented development to the ancient town and the sojourning people of the town.

He said he was determined to liberate the people of the town through introduction of mechanised farming.

He said the youth of the town would be trained on how to plant vegetables, mushrooms, melon and others plants, stressing that the town has enough land to practice mechanised farming and in doing so, the youths would also  be trained on  how to export the farm products to overseas and thereby make some  profits.

He said: ”I am nursing an ideal on how to bring mechanised farming to my land (Apomu).  We have enough land to practice mechanised farming. Mechanised farming does not mean planting cocoa or kola nut,  I want to start with what they can consume and that can fetch them money within a space of three months such as vegetables, melon mushrooms and others. The  products will be sold abroad most of my children are in U. S. I will send them (youth) to Uganda to learn how to became a professional mechanised farmers.”

Declaring his intention to transform the youths,  Adeniyi said he always feel so sad whenever he sees young boys and girls who are supposed to engaged in meaningful economy development  behaving as touts in the streets adding that the infrastructure are also being neglected.

Prince Adeniyi boasts of his confidence of becoming the next king noting that his contributions, support to the development of Apomu  and the love the people have for him would definitely lead him to the throne.

He also added that the other family that are entitled to the throne are currently fighting and had been nullified by the Supreme Court of Apeal.

He said,  ”I want to be on that throne to better the lives of the people.  There is nothing they enjoyed and by the grace of God and with connections I know I can contribute to better their lives.

”When I was young,  I made sure that Apomu has electricity and I have also helped a lot of people from Apomu by supporting them in funding their education.

“The other family that are equally entitled to the throne are currently fighting and has been disqualified with certificate of don’t contest by the court.” he said.

He stressed that he want to  improve the citizens of Apomu land by becoming the Oba and also to use the position to penetrate into government to better the lives of his people.

“My intention even since when I was young is to bring my people out of penury. Majority of them are living under the poverty line. I want to improve on their welfare.

“Those young boys can better their life if they go on mechanised farming so I want to be on that throne to liberate my people. They have been suffering, there is nothing they enjoy in that town.

“Before now I was nursing an idea on how to bring a mechanised farming into that town. I will make sure I penetrate into the government to better the lives of my people.

Tracing the brief history of Apomu, Adeniyi explained that the ancient town of Apomu was founded by an hunter Ayope,  an indigene of Ile-Ife. Ayope left Ife and relocated to Ofa before they finally stayed at Apomu.

The prince who is also a  group   managing director of POATSON Nigerian Limited maintained that  he won’t depend on the income of  Oba of Apomu adding that he was already a successful businessman.

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