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TuesdayRapAround: Nigeria’s Ex-Footballers And The Culture Of Betting



Nigeria’s Ex-Footballers And The Culture Of Betting

Betting, as a form of gambling, seems to be the rave of the moment. In fact, more recently, there have been a boom in sport betting business in Nigeria, with different betting sites in Nigeria springing up with eye-catching name and logo.

Sure, it is another form of business to the adherents. This kind of business thus involves the action of putting or gambling with money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event.
This has become top business idea in recent times, especially among football adherents – with most successful ex-footballers now at the forefront of the campaign. This is aside the disposition of some school of thoughts who view it as something that is not for reasonable or serious people.

Sure, the world is made up of people with diverse choices – with people who love sports betting and gambling inclusive.

On why most of Nigeria’s ex-internationals decided to embrace this type of business is still largely a subject of controversy: Could this be due to the financial or monetary gains? Or is it that it remains the best way to give back to the society? Or to ginger people’s awareness about the round leather game or what exactly?

Because in actually sense, what morals does the trade preaches or instils in the younger generation? This is because from close observation, one can clearly say youths are the major target and a lot of people are truly falling for it. The trade is gradually but steadily eroding the belief system in the society.

When the able, youthful/working generation of a country – the class that is supposed to concentrate on how to be productive member of the society, with a view to be useful for the country at large are now being re-orientated towards gambling, betting, what future holds for such a nation is better imagined than experienced.

Without doubt, people are making fortune out of it while a lot of people are frittering their time, destiny, hard earned resources away – no thanks to the gambling revolution in the country.

The betting companies include Nairabet, iBetNigeria, BetKing, SureBet, 360Bet, BetNaija etc.

Sports betting activity dates back to many years ago. Even now, there seems to be no serious effort to squash sports betting in the middle age, it has no doubt taken its hold on the people.

You place your bets with an amount of money and wait for the results, you win then you are counting money, you lose then you are biting your fingernails or having a sour look.

Gone were the days of sports when betting is seen as a crime or an attitude or symptom of the never-do-well types in the society. It’s no longer something done to pass time but has become a business.

Despite the high number of betting sites in Nigeria, the number of people patronising, following the trade seems to be on the increase on daily basis. Their banners with screaming headlines are all over the place. Some have even gone to the extent of erecting imposing edifices for the trade. Who says there is no money there?
But the question is where do we go from here? This is because primary, secondary school pupils are not immune or exempted from this trade. What morals are we handing down to these highly exposed and vulnerable members of our volatile society?

Die-hard fans of top richest footballer in Nigeria, are the chief promoters and according to plan, they are having their way.

In this era of technological innovation, who wants to do things the analogue way? With modern tech, you can even bet secretly on your phone via any of the sports betting mobile sites, like bet365 naija mobile site, etc. and no more queuing like it used to be.

A practical example: a graduate who recently finished from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (name withheld), when he was asked what next after the completion of his programme, his submission was baffling. He simply stated that he would like to enlist in one of the betting companies as an apprentice before he will set us his own shop. This is just one out of the many instances out there.

It remains to be seen where this trend with take Nigeria as a country. It is a matter of choice, no doubt. But the damage seems to be more colossal in the long run.

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