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#OsunDecides: Beyond The Politics Of Dance , Lies And Rice



The Ekiti state election has further proven to us that a people’s government is not one that directly caters for the poor in guise of sharing ponmo in public places, it is not the one that empathizes with the lower class by eating roasted corn on streets, it is not one that organizes selective rural empowerments and politicized poverty alleviation programmes under a punctured umbrella that only makes the lower class oscillate between poverty and penury.

It takes experience to understand beyond theory (for those who can read and write) that politics is the art of managing community’s resources and values by some appointed people for collective benefit of the community at large. A people’s government is one that is acceptable to the middle class and accessible by the lower class. We need to understand that the prosperity of the middle class is the happiness of the lower class hence when the middle class is comfortable the lower class also is.
Apart from eating in local restaurants, buying roasted plantains by the roadside, apart from riding on a commercial motorcycle to the Government House, Fayose of Ekiti as a sitting governor has nothing more to show as his achievement in office under the punctured umbrella that is presenting Sen. Adeleke in Osun.

Thus, it is a mental misfortune for anybody to think bags of rice, cheap lies, personal vendetta and dances in public will make, the people of the land of virtue vote unskilled Adeleke or the ‘Ali Baba’ from Ile-Ife.

It is clearly an evidence of sheer cerebral reduction or political shamefacedness on those who think the highly intellectual Osun people will prefer the Adeleke’s dance and Omisore’s cascades of lie to the Oyetola’s beautiful vision for the state.

Of course, it is bags of conscience not of rice that will give Oyetola the victory on Saturday. Give it to the great people of Osun, they will successfully sail through the Scylla and Charybdis come this week Saturday, 22nd of August, 2018.

They have seen the quality service of the broom of progressives they won’t patronise a punctured umbrella or an injured horse that can’t move.


Hon Wale Alabi, SSA to Gov Aregbesola On Regional Integration And Head Of R-Connect Group

Wale Alabi
SSA to the Governor of Osun

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