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Respect judiciary, APC Charges PDP



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed total disgust at the actions of the PDP over the dissolution of the Osun Electoral Tribunal, which had been hearing its appeal against INEC’s declaration of APC victory at the last governorship election.

In a statement by the party’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Kunle Oyatomi, the party described PDP statement and the orchestrated demonstration as ‘irresponsible and desperate’.

According to the party, “nothing could be more absurd than the PDP’s accusation of the APC as the brain behind the dissolution of the Electoral Tribunal.

“We like the people of Osun to remember that this same phenomenon occurred in 2014 when the same PDP went to tribunal, attempting to annul the re-election of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola at the time.

“By our records, which is public knowledge, the tribunal was dissolved three times. Because we did not know what was responsible for the dissolution, the APC did not issue stupid statements nor was any irresponsible protests, organised against those dissolutions.”

“This was because we were neither privy to, nor was it our responsibility to question the action of the judiciary. We had faith in the process and we allow it to run its course – this, at a time the PDP itself was in charge of government in Abuja.”

“The PDP should be called to order because it is about time it gets responsible. What we are witnessing is an escalation of both distrust in the political process and a lack of faith in the judiciary which does no good to our democracy”.

“We are not inclined to engage the PDP in an unnecessary argument over the judicial process”.

“Let the justice system plays itself out and our politicians are obligated to respect the decisions of the court”

Pretending as the PDP is doing to ascribe ulterior motives to the dissolution of the Electoral Tribunal, is to assume knowledge that are not available to the public.

‘Worst of all, to accuse the APC and the judiciary of collution to miscarry justice without an iota of proof is a criminal action, the APC emphasised.

‘Finally, we are sick and tired of PDP’s habitual lying and is about time that the party changes course and become an agent of truth, rather than a megaphone of lies and instigators of political rascality’.

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