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APC May Not Conduct  Peaceful General Election-Osun PDP Chairman Expresses Doubt



Honourable Soji Adagunodo is the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Osun state chapter. In this interview with journalists , he bears his mind  on the coming general election and the recent governorship election in the state. Excerpts:

Ahead of the 2019 general elections do you envisage a peaceful election or are there fears?

Under Normal circumstances, I expect a peaceful election but with my experience in the last Osun Gubernatorial election, I have my fears about the Ruling party conducting a peaceful general election.

Hon. soji Adagunodo, Chairman Osun PDP.

You were at a time a member of the state house of assembly would you say legislature has been allowed to function effectively at the state level, what was the experience like during your days as a state lawmaker?

We are a developing nation, democratically, technologically and economically, therefore we are not there yet. The legislative arms of government is the strength of democracy but we are still giving the executive all the attention. Masses look at the direction of the executive for money and business because government is the only viable economy in the country, for now the executive determines a lot for both judiciary and legislature, therefore it is common believe that the executive is a senior partner in Government, but like I said we are still growing. My experience during our time at Assembly cannot be compared with what we have now, because we have two different personalities both in character and conduct as the Governor of Osun State.

Your party shock the Osun state political scene by allowing the ruling party to narrowly secure victory, it was not a wide margin how were you able to record such outing?

Its our God’s doing. We give all the glory to God. However we want to thank the true people of Osun for believing in our great party PDP and our Candidate Sen Ademola Adeleke. I emphasis on the word true people, because so many people came to Osun for that election impersonating Osun voters but notwithstanding we still have those results. We know, and the whole world knows that PDP won that Osun state election.

Your party is currently challenging the victory of the APC guber candidate, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola in the tribunal, do you believe you have a good case ? Did you actually win the election?

APC stole our Mandate in Osun, which by the special Grace of God will be returned to Sen Ademola Adeleke and our Party PDP will be in Government again. We believe in the Judiciary and Judges at the Tribunal. They will surely do justice to our petition.

Your party has consistently expressed doubts in respect of the ability of the President of the Court of Appeal to be an impartial arbiter in the case the APC has rather asked you to prepare for a legal battle rather than dissipating energy on such issue, cognizant that you cannot ask that she be sacked principally because her husband is a politician?   

Go and read all what we said very well, we did not express doubts on the ability of the President of the Court of Appeal to be impartial rather we are letting the whole world know that APC is offering a Greek gift to the husband of the President of Court of Appeal by giving him a Senatorial ticket when he did not contest or win a primary election. It is a plan of the APC to make the Husband indebted to the Party and in turn use that to influence the wife. I have told you earlier that we believe in the Capacity and Capability of the Judges in the Judiciary now, because they are Men and Women of impeccable Character and Integrity. The judges will surely not let Nigerians down because they are the last hope for the people in Nigeria.
Your emergence as the state chairman heralded good days for the state PDP as your party produced a senator, however you must have in your private moments obviously faced confusion situation when you get to hear the various rumours spread about you, how do you react to such rumours?
It is normal in politics and I was prepared for such situations the day I made up my mind that I want to lead the Party as the Chairman. I have not allow rumour and blackmail to deter me from doing what I’m supposed to do for the benefit of our party because I know it is all distractions. Notwithstanding that, I can boldly Challenge anybody anywhere and in my Party including all Aspirants not just Candidates this time around  from House of Assembly to Governorship who has ever given me money personally to influence my judgement in the running of the Party to come out publicly and say it. I’m a Man of integrity, living a life worthy of emulation. I have built a reputation that cannot be smeared in whatever way, shape or form. Yes, I might have taken some decisions that are not in tune with the expectation of some people, however at that time of taking such decisions, I truly believed it is in the best interest of our great party PDP .
There has always been the rumours of your humble self-hobnobbing with Gov. Rauf Aregbesola and sealing deals with him, it began right from the period the state PDP had two factions, why do you think this version of rumours keep resurfacing? In all honesty, do you perhaps have any secret deals with the governor?
It is all blackmail. It is also clear now to Nigerians that those personalities then blackmailing me were the ones truly working with APC/ Governor Rauf Aregbesola to undermine the fortunes of our great party PDP. I said so then, but lots of people did not believe. I’m vindicated now when they openly worked and declared for APC. They were also involved in anti – Party activities in Ondo State Gubernatorial election by working in tandem with Governor Rauf Aregbesola to support Olusola Oke of AD then. They jointly funded AD in Ondo State but I thank God I’m vindicated. Also Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is alive, hale and healthy, whenever you have an opportunity to interview him ask him this question. I never for once had any dealing with him. Even in 2013 /2014 when some of our leaders that I associated with politically joined APC I refused bluntly. Aside from that, I influenced lots of our members not to defect to APC. I believe in my Party PDP as the best in Nigeria and I will never involve myself in anything associated with anti-Party till I die. The People close to me know I don’t pretend, if I’m through with you I will let you know and I’ll be blunt about it. I don’t double deal and I will never ever do that.
What have been your happy moments in politics?
Changing the fortunes of PDP in Osun from a losing party to a winning party, and in essence changing the face of the Party in Nigeria. When Osun PDP won a Senatorial Seat, it changed the momentum and belief of people in Nigeria about the Party.  Also winning the last Osun Gubernatorial election for the Party not withstanding the stolen Mandate, this also set our great party PDP to a level of winning the next general election thereby becoming ruling party in waiting. All this was done under my leadership against a ruling party .There is nothing that can be more  comforting.
 In 19 years, we are yet to have a woman governor, Senate President, Vice President or President, where do you think the women fold got it wrong and when do you think we can have a woman governor?
The time will come very soon. It is a prediction. In some advanced countries, we still have the same problem so it is not unusual. Our democracy is still growing. We will soon be there.
What were the factors that made you develop interest in politics?
To change the believe that politics is dirty, and also to make aware that there is room for professionals like myself in active politics. I also want to impact my idea of bringing good governance to the country. I brought so many innovations to strengthen democracy in my constituency and the records are there till today.
Could you please tell us about yourself?
My names are Hon Clement Olasoji Adagunodo Oluwatukesi native of Ilowa in Obokun Local government. Chairman of Osun State PDP, A Felow of Nigerian institute of Quantity Surveyors and a holder of Three Master Degree in Managerial Psychology,  Business Administration and Public Administration.


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