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2018 OPU Summit: Restructuring Key To Nation Building –Aare Adams



..OPU kicks against Yoruba Oba in Diaspora.

Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams, has re affirmed his beliefs in restructuring, saying it is time for the Yoruba nation to adopt a new paradigm shift, taking into consideration all the issues that affect Nigeria as a nation.

Speaking recently at a two-day Summit and interactive session of the Ooodua Progressive Union (OPU) in Hamburg Germany, Adams said:
“As the 2019 general
elections draw nearer, there is need for the Yorubas to adopt a new paradigm shift.

He, however, frowned at the desecration of the sanctity of the traditional institution by some people who, he said, arrogate to themselves the position of a Yoruba Oba in the Diaspora.

‘Our traditional institution is sacred and we won’t allow anybody to tarnish the image, even as we urge all the Yoruba Obas in their respective states to condemn the abominable act”.

Aare Adams, who had earlier met with the Nigeria Ambassador in Berlin, Mrs. Mobolaji Sakirat Ogundero, said part of the contending issues discussed at the summit include restructuring of Nigeria, as well as decentralization of both security, monetary, education and infrastructure, which allows the federating unit to develop at their own pace.

‘’The word restructuring simply means re organization, not disintegration, our position on this is clear and that is Nigeria cannot afford to isolate itself from the rest of the world. For years, patriotic Nigerians have been agitating for restructuring, but a few elements in the country are against it. As far as I am concerned, those calling for restructuring should not be seen as enemies of state but partners in progress.’’, he said.

All members of the group from across the 84 countries in the world, as well as other prominent Yoruba groups were present at the Summit. President of Isokan Omo Yoruba in Germany, Chief Adewole Albert, was also in attendance.

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