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Buhari’s Visit, Queue Disappears At Filling Stations



Jide Afolabi, Jos

The long queues experienced at filling stations in Plateau state have disappeared.

Some residents partly attributed the disappearance of the queues to the 2-day working visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Plateau state.

The President left the state yesterday after commissioning of over 400 tractors purchased for farmers by the state government in a private partnership agreement.

Investigation by CityMirrorNews correspondent in the state revealed that fuel were available in almost all the NNPC mega stations and major marketers filling stations.

The usual long queues that was rampant in the state have vanished from these stations. Vehicles were sighted driven into these stations, fuelling their cars within minutes and leave.

The high prices in most filling stations witnessed before the visit are no longer there as the filling stations are now selling at the official rate of N145 naira.

Among filling stations visited by our correspondent were NNPC mega stations at Bauchi road and Secretariat Junction, Conoil, Total, Mobil and Forte Oil. Some other independent marketers stations were also visited.

Residents were excited at this latest development and hope that government will redouble its efforts in ensuring that the products are not just available but affordable and accessible.

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