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‘Partisan Politics not in Your Best Interest’, APC Tells CAN



The All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state of Osun has strongly advised the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to steer clear of partisan politics, because ‘it’s not in its own best interest’.

According to Mr Kunle Oyatomi Esq,
Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, APC, State of Osun was reacting to CAN’s recent call for cancellation of Ekiti and Osun governorship elections.

‘The APC was reacting to CAN’s recent call for cancellation of Ekiti and Osun governorship elections, both of which were won by the APC.

‘We are unimpressed by the patent hostility of CAN to the APC which had become open since the Presidency of Dr Goodluck Jonathan’, the party said in a statement from the APC Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy, circulated in Osogbo, today.

‘In particular, ‘the statement continued, ‘CAN has been so pro PDP that it has been acting like an unofficial extension of that party in Osun, the APC alleged.’ He said.

According to the ruling party, ‘CAN cannot afford to be partisan in such a multi religious society as Nigerian. It is supposed to be a unifying factor not a divisive one. But unfortunately since the Ayo Orisejafor presidency of CAN, that organisation has become unashamedly and openly supportive of the PDP.

‘In our opinion, CAN is not a court of law to demand the cancellation of Ekiti and Osun elections, which it did not even observed. The lawyers are already in tribunal and the decision to uphold or cancel the elections belongs with the judges at the tribunal.

‘It is therefore presumptuous and unbecoming of a body like CAN to intervene in politics and legal matters, not because of its interest in legality and justice but because of its emotional political disposition in favour of the PDP, ‘ the ruling party said.

‘Osun’s population is not only limited to Christians. But since Rauf Aregbesola became Governor, he has been even-handed with all faiths. Still, CAN’s posture to some of the Governor’s actions had been combative from a standpoint of faith.

‘This is a divisive attitude, the APC argued, stressing that, neither the PDP nor the APC is exclusively Moslem or Christian. It is therefore not in the interest of peace and harmony for CAN to fan division in a cultural setting like in Yoruba land where Moslems and Christians have for centuries lived together peacefully, sharing both faiths.

‘CAN should be a bridge-building organisation not a cause for disunity in the land. Its obsession against the APC is un-Christian. Christianity cuts across cultures just like Islam and both have a duty to unite, not divide people.

‘All Nigerians are children of God. CAN should not engage in politics in a partisan way with hysterical prayer sessions asking God to vanquish one party for another. That’s not what Christ came to this world to do. He preached peace and harmony.

‘For the avoidance of doubt’, the APC asserted, PDP lost Osun governorship election. CAN cannot adjudicate to the contrary. The parties are in tribunal and it is not the business of CAN or anyone else to make partisan pronouncement to the contrary.

Oyatomi warned CAN to stop attempts to influence the Court noting that it’s subjudice. ‘CAN should stop their attempt to influence the court. Subjudice is an offence, and CAN is not exempted from culpability’, the APC concluded.

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