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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Eat Pawpaws Everyday



Benefits of papaya (The Spruce Eats)
How often do you eat pawpaws? Probably not as often as you do with other fruits.

And you are not alone because most people don’t like it as much. But whether it tastes like cat throw up to you, you still should eat papayas because of their rich nutritional value.

Doubting it? See these amazing health benefits of papayas:

1. Boosting your immune system

Papaya has vitamin C (framepool)
Oranges are not the only f4rruits that can give you vitamin C. Pawpaws contain it as well which is a plus to your health. Vitamin C boosts your immunity thus guarding your body against diseases and infection.

2. Digestion

No one loves spending hours in the bathroom with difficulties to pass stool. But a piece of pawpaw a day will help make things easier for you. Its high water content and fiber improves digestion thus easing constipation and preventing bloating.

3. Antioxidants

Papaya has powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids which neutralize free radicals. Free radicals cause diseases such as cancer.

4. Fights cancer

Papaya – fights free radicals (MomJunction)
Just like melon and tomatoes, papaya has lycopene which is linked to protecting one from cancer. It’s also known to reduce the effects of cancer in patients.

5. Protects your heart

Due to their richness in vitamin C and lycopene, pawpaws help in preventing heart diseases. This is because they are also low in cholesterol thus keeping the blood vessels free of clots.

6. Weight loss

Papaya – has filling effect (ninacheriefranklin)
If you are trying to lose weight, you should make papayas part of your diet. They are low in cholesterol and have a filling effect thus making it easier to lose weight.

7. Prevents macular degeneration

If you don’t feed on the right diet, your eyes’ health will be at stake. Pawpaws are good for the health of the eyes because the contain Vitamin A which prevents macular degeneration.

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