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“NotTooYoungToRun” Bill: Adetimehin Urges Youths To Show Active Interest In Politics



Youths have been urged to stop showing apathy towards politics and take active part in the process of building a new political consciousness for the overall development of the country.

Prince Abiodun Adetimehin

Prince Abiodun Adetimehin

Prince Abiodun Adetimehin who made the plea, in a statement in Ado Ekiti, said it was high time youths began to display strength and show their readiness to take the reins of power from the old.

He noted that unless the Nigeria youth become more proactive and active in politics, the recently signed into law, not too young to run bill will end up as a mere document without much impact.

Adetimehin, an aspirant into the House of Representatives seat for Ekiti South Federal Constituency 1, under Accord party observed that the Nigerian youths are not showing significant desire in providing the required political leadership for their generalisation.

He further explained that such significant desire was not to merely express interest in political office for the purpose of fulfilling ego and survival,  but the young people must demonstrate capacity in their choosing fields to convince other strata of the citizenry their readiness.

He believed if the youth interventions in Agric, technical ,entrepreneurial and other sectors of the provided the required solutions to the society problems, it would be crystal clear that they are indeed ready for the task of leadership.

The Ikere Ekiti born politician noted that what the society awaits is solution provider young people to displace the spent old generation of leadership who had dominated the political space for over five decades without any monumental positive development.

Adetmehin reminded them that power was not shared alercate  hence youth must organise themselves and break the barrier of division deliberately orchestrated by the ruling elite to perpetuate themselves in power and hold the nations by the jugular.

He said the divisive mechanism of ethnicity, religion, geographical limitation being appeased to by the power conscious elite had polarised the country,  leaving more divided than it was before amalgamation.

The Accord member House of Representatives hopeful charged young Nigerians to as a matter of urgency lead a campaign to stop political violence and monetization of the voting process.

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