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10 Amazing Benefits Of Bitter Kola For Your Health



With a big choice of various herbs and other natural products full of vitamins and useful minerals, Nigerians can eat more healthy foods than regular and often unhealthy fast food and store products. For example, popular kola nut can increase your energy levels; treat fever and other health issues. So let us learn about health benefits of bitter kola nut and leaves in our post below.
Bitter kola

Kola trees are evergreen. They grow in African forests and bring many delicious tropical nuts every year. These nuts are actually the tree seeds located inside the fruit, but they are better known as garcinia kola or bitter kola.

By the way, the name ‘bitter kola’ has been given to the plant because of its fruit’s bitter taste that becomes sweeter when you chew it.

Bitter plants (their nuts, leaves, bark, fruit) offer a wide variety of useful elements, such as vitamins of B-group, A, C, E, potassium, iron, fiber, calcium, and many antioxidants.

People know about the incredible health benefits of bitter kola, so they use these seeds for medical and personal purposes. Besides, bitter kola nuts are used by African tribes as a welcome symbol for different ceremonies, holidays and gatherings.

Kola nuts are added to soda to change its flavor, but there are more ways you can use this natural product and enjoy all its advantages for your health.

How good are bitter kola nuts and leaves for your health? Can they improve your metabolism, digestion, cure some illnesses or not? How can you improve your state of health? How many bitter kola a day should you eat? We are happy to answer these questions below.

Benefits of bitter kola

Here is a list of different health benefits of garcinia kola seeds and leaves:

Better metabolism – the seeds can improve your metabolism since they have caffeine and offer a portion of it for your health, so if your metabolism is slow, you can try to boost it by eating bitter kola nuts.

Improved digestion – your stomach pains related to poor digestion can go away since bitter kola seeds help to produce gastric acid that boosts enzymes necessary for better digestion.

More energy for the day – do you need extra energy or wish to boost its levels in your body? Bitter kola nut and leaves can influence your central nervous system, and such natural stimulation can also increase your energy level.

Better blood circulation – you will love the benefits of bitter kola for your blood system and heart, as the plant contains some wonderful components (theobromine and caffeine) that boost heartbeat and positively influence the circulation within your body system.

Lower risks of prostate cancer development – this hasn’t been proved through studies, but there are beliefs that eating kola nuts can reduce the risk of developing this type of cancer thanks to its components called phytoestrogens.

Less headaches – those people who suffer from periodical migraines might reduce their headaches by eating kola nuts and leaves as this plant contains caffeine that can be very helpful (it is capable of widening brain’s blood vessels and reducing pains).

Healthier joints – some people use garcinia kola nuts to cure their knee, hip joints, as this product can low down pains, and be a natural treatment for osteoarthritis problems (consultations with doctors are necessary before such remedy).

Fighting breathing issues – some patients with asthma might enjoy such benefits of bitter kola and leaves as a treatment for different respiratory health conditions. However, you have to talk to your doctor before using natural products to treat asthma or other breathing problems.

Stronger immunity system – antioxidants contained in different plants, including kola nuts, can be a natural protection from different bacteria; these nuts can help your body systems fight with illnesses (even with malaria infection) and improve your overall immunity.

Healthier eyes – people who have glaucoma issue might find it helpful to consume bitter kola a day for some period as a natural treatment for eye disease.

How many bitter kola a day
With all the impressive health benefits of bitter kola and leaves, here comes a question, ‘How many bitter kola a day can you consume to prevent some health issues?’ Some experts believe that people who would like to improve their health, get rid of throat infections and other problems can take bitter kola nuts two times a day and enjoy stronger immunity and health within some time.
However, the amount of bitter kola taken daily can be different for each person. So each person who wishes to eat bitter kola every day or several times a week should remember that this can be your advantage for some health conditions and might not be a good choice in other situations.
Taking into account all the health benefits of bitter kola, anyone who wants to eat garcinia kola nuts as a supplement or for health improvement has to consult a doctor beforehand because of the possible side effects it can cause.


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