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Read: Ignition (Motivational)



Thomas Opeyemi John
To every man, has abilities been given and along with these abilities comes ignitors and sparklers.
Ever gun has a trigger; so does every car has an ignition.
Every electric device has its switch and this is what makes them start or stop working.
Every man has a special mechanism that sets him in motion to do what he loves.
Randomly, it appears that almost all men share same ignitions such as words of praise, rewards, awards or even pressure amongst others but there are differences in certain cases.
If for example, you put your rice on an hotplate and you decided not to or forgot to switch the electric device on after plugging it, what do you think would happen?
Some things inside you are beginning to see retardation in quality because you have refused to set the real you in motion.
Some negative happenings are playing out because you have kept your real self latent for too long.
Something tells you to do something but another thing says you shouldn’t yeah? It’s normal; like very normal.
As I picked my phone to type this article, something made me feel lazy but it took me strength to ensure that I feed your mind with this.
In like sense, somethings tells me that you have to stand up to feed other people’s mind now.
Do what you feel like doing and add positive value to others.
You’re not weak, you’re not less than being better and I’m sure of that. Yeah; you’re amazing in your own way.
In my next article, I’d be sharing some general and personal tips that possibly would be of help to the big you inside.
But before then, look inwardly and find out what it is that you’ve always felt like doing.
You’d find it and when you eventually do, don’t keep it latent.
Ignite your passion now.
Thank you for reading…
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