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TuesdayRapAround; Yuletide: Like 2016, Like 2017



Yuletide: Like 2016, Like 2017 By Michael Ayotunde
Tuesday RapAround

When will Nigerians in general be given the opportunity to have a well-deserved yuletide season?

A seamless season where strange market forces are not be the major determinants; where powers that be will not be the ones to dictate what goes into play in homes nationwide?

A moment when Nigerians irrespective of their social, economic standing can boldly and truly do things they really like with family members and loved ones.

Yesterday’s confusion, today’s dilemma, coupled with tomorrow’s uncertainty have no doubt, beclouded the mindset of many and their sense of direction. No thanks to the apparent non-existent quality leadership in the country; the type that is ever ready to galvanize inherent potentials – both human and natural, to urgently lift the nation out of the woods; the type that is not myopic in thinking, sluggish in policy formulation and clueless in execution and sense of judgment; the type that is not ultimately poised to cleave unto power even when their gross incompetence has exposed them beyond borders.

Unfortunately, the arrogance of the present government at the center will not allow them to appreciate the gravity of damages they have done this nation since they came to power in 2015.

Not minding the many unfulfilled campaign promises by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, other areas where they have claimed successes in the past which only them can really acknowledged, are beginning to fall apart like pack of cards before their very eye.

First, it was the war on insurgents, which according to the mouthy Alhaji Lai Muhammed has been “technically defeated”, but now has to be voted yet again another whooping $1b dollars from the highly controversial Excess Crude Account (ECA) fund.

Second is the humongous fight against corruption. To say that talks on corruption has been a major rhythm of the present administration is to say the least. The government had claimed victory to high heaven and to all that care to listen. For almost three years into the administration, the name of former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been at the center of it all, with allegations here and there. One wonders if only Jonathan government actually institutionalized corruption in the country.

What happens to past presidents in the country? What about former governors, ministers, and other public office holders? (Majority of those who are now modern day saints just because they are part of the present government.)

In actual fact, why was the former Secretary to the federal government, SGF, Babachair Lawal booted out of office? And where is he today? Or has the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, gone out of town? Or does it mean when EFCC is on the trail of familiar faces, the story is not always good unlike when an opposition figure is involved?

In short, Lawal and former NIA boss, Ayo Oke are still largely untouchable till date. That said, while still not looking away from the most recent presidency-stage-managed #Mainagate scandal, an inglorious reinstatement where key actors are top shots of the Buhari’s government, AGF, head of service and the minister of interior – an issue that’s clearly been swept under carpet.

To this end, several questions have been raised about the performance of 2017 budget but the more we ask questions, the more we get confused. If 2016 budget performance was a mirage, and 2017 a shadow and carcass of itself, what becomes the proposed 2018 budgets which some national assembly members have already described as ‘boju-boju’ budget even before it is fully passed into law?

Till now, the government of President Buhari has never acknowledge its deficiency and ineffectiveness to provide purposeful leadership, instead the government is busy bragging about its cult-like followers (people who truly can’t see beyond the tip of their noses) in the north to secure another term in office. Is securing another term in office what Nigerians are asking or yearning for at this point in time?

buhari sick photo

In 2016, due largely to his unpreparedness for governance, Nigeria was hit by untold economic crisis leading to massive job losses, and instead of admitting his fault and gross ineptitude, he kept faith with bulk passing till date.

Here is 2017, the country is yet to recover from that unfortunate economic situation, here we are again being greeted with another round of fuel scarcity palaver.

It is saddening that this is happening after government had promised heaven and earths shortly after it removed subsidy that in the long run, Nigerians would benefit regular supply at a more reduced price.

And the president Buhari himself who presides as petroleum minister, with little or no concern about the plight of the people, is yet to see anything wrong in him still occupying that position?

Hence the question again, is your continued occupation of that office beneficial to Nigerians at large?
Why is it difficult for these supposed leaders to, for once, sincerely identify with the terrible situation people are being subjected to, a condition that is due largely to missteps, inactivity and ineptitude of these perpetual power mongers?

In her recent outburst over fuel scarcity and the failed economy, Aisha Yesufu, the Co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls Group captured the parlous state of the country vividly where she blasted the president over his ill performance.

Aisha who made reference to Buhari’s tweet in 2015 blaming former President Goodluck Jonathan for fuel crisis called him a hypocrite.

Motorists queing at the filling station

“Dear President Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari your tweet below says it all about your hypocritical stand.
“Your tears, words, tweets were never about Nigeria but about your need to come & enjoy the perks of power.buhari covers face

“You have failed as the Minister of Petroleum & more so as the President,” She tweeted.

The BBOG co-convener said the president has failed as a minister of petroleum for turning deaf ear to the lingering fuel crisis situation officially.

According to her, President Buhari is swayed by power therefore‘lacking in wisdom, integrity and values despite his age.’

“What type of President are you? You have not had the decency to address the Nation on the crippling effect of the fuel scarcity that many are suffering. You may have Kano people in your pocket you sure dont have the rest of us there. At your age one would have expected you have seen it all and not be swayed by the temporary insanity of power but alas age does not mean wisdom, integrity, values and character.

“So what has happened now that is different from 2nd March 2015 when you made that tweet during fuel scarcity? That you became President? What a shame! Power that is transient? Somebody was there before you and somebody would be there after you. What’s the big deal

“People are suffering and all that concerns you is the fawning you get and revel in the access to Presidential jets and pictures of you in overcoat with your incompetent sycophants toeing the line. I don’t blame you, I blame the timid, docile and irresponsible citizens of Nigeria that would fight themselves on the queues at the filling station instead of coming to Aso villa to fight you. Shamefully I am one of the citizenry. Be warned one day we would no longer take it!

“Your impunity and arrogance of treating the people of Nigeria with disdain would definitely come back and haunt you when you see yourself alone without the sycophants

“Lee Kuan Yew is your mate. Nelson Mandela is your mate. They spent their years as leaders thinking about the next generation and building legacy. You are spending your time thinking about the next election while enjoying bagpipes and ceremonial welcome. What a waste!

“Mr President the first thing you should do about this fuel scarcity is to fire yourself as Minister of Petroleum and get a competent hand to be one, that’s if you would recognise competence even if it hits you in the face,” she added.

What a postulation! Boot lickers, and other political jobbers that ordinarily should speak out would rather remain quiet and instead continued in their self glorification. They continue to pamper their way through – all in a bid to cleave on to power.

All these are a testimony to the fact that no government founded on falsehood and propaganda can stand the test of time.

Tuesday RapAround


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