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The 365 Days In 2018 By Thomas Opeyemi John



The 365 Days In 2018 By Thomas Opeyemi John


Year in year out, people make decisions with an onward hope that their fortune will begin or grow more in the year ahead.

Men of all walks and tribe rise in hope of a better tomorrow and they get reminded about this hope towards the end of the yeaŕ.

Th fire of aspiration is rekindled in the heart of many and words come from within.

Determination is awakened and like an athlete who’s fully preparèd for the race ahead, energy is reignited.

(Various people with differing visions and dreams.) As men decide to up their games in different spheres, with every man taking stock (proper or improper) of the just wrapped year with an uphill optmism that the next 365 days would make up for all errors committed and ills encountered in yesteryears.

As professionals and artisans reflect and resolve to do better, so are clerics not left out.

Each coming with different brands of predictions cum prophesies about the nation’s economý, politics etcetera.

We see a lagoon flow of trial and errors in the church, mosque and other worship places.

This is definitely no time to think small hence the need for an undergraduate to also reason out how he’d dive into the pool of wealth before 365days runs out.

A college student would say:
“I must ride in the 2017 range rover sport.”

The secondary school student will say: “I must use atleast 8 smartphones or more in 2018”

Political aspirant would say: “I must prepare very tightly for the 2019 elections. 2018 is all I’ve got”

I’m also not exempted from the ‘I must have a better next year’ team.

Every one dreams;
Businesses would be launched, Churches will be founded; houses will be built and exotic cars will be purchased.

In the box of thinkers and aspirers, who is thinking about the other person?
Who is thinking about what he should do(even for the neighbour next-door)?
Who is thinking big by seeing the wrongs and faults in his immediate environ?
Who is seeing what is not right.

When people make new year resolutions, you hear words like:
“I must get my car”
“I must buy a new house”
“I must marry a new wife”
“My skin and hair must glow”
Personified aspirations void of the thought òf the man/woman next to you.

We’d find it pretty easý to grant unto ourselves, amnesty for the wrongs we have done in 2017 even to others but find it thickly burdènsome to regret and make up for our unjustness.

We find a big worry in stretching an hand of help to the man beneath but think more hiģhly of ourselves.

In 2018, wasting and investing only on yourself isn’t a way to go.

Have you asked yourself:
How can I be a better spouse to the one I love?

How can I be a better dad/mum to my children?

What can I do to earn my parents’ trust?

What am I meant to do for my country?

The simple thought of others sparks a light of love and when your heart is lit in this direction, success and progress becomes a regular dozage for you.

Stop being selfish in the year 2018.

Let the world around see a different better you.

Let the 365 days in 2018 be the most fulfilled days of all.

Years beyond will be better.

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