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Read: Kids On Thrones (Motivational)



By Thomas Opeyemi

Stories exist everywhere about how people misuse authorities, positions and power being entrusted in their palms. I know you must have seen examples of these in movies or heard some of these real life deeds.

As much as heights and elevations possess the tendency of stupefying the senses of men, it does have in same proximity, the tendency to alert us of the cause and reason of such elevation.

Being in position of power and authority whether as young or as old men, is not a call to recklessness but it points directly at the need to stay alert as much as possible.

With big power they say, comes big responsibility and once that’s archived in the most functional part of the mind, survival on the throne becomes easier.
When We see or hear of men who mess with what’s to be handled with total understanding and pure caution, it is a direct show of the poverty that’s eating their minds up already.

Writing this to you isn’t to entertain you my reader but to purely inform you that as men that desire to be on the throne, morals aren’t meant for the bin as you head for the throne.
You should climb with your sound-mind.

Whoever finds it easy to misbehave while in authority at any level is no better than a kid.

A kid on throne can choose to kick the crown when he’s angry; poo on the palace verandah’s floor or even soil the throne with Urine.

All these is not for any more reason than because he’s a kid.

Your age notwithstanding; once you get on the throne, your mind’s stature is wholly responsible for your success or failure.

Choose to be an adult; Grow fast into adulthood…

-Thomas Opeyemi John

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