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Osun 2018: An Open Letter To The Noble Sons And Daughters Of Ikire, By Bakare Abdullahi Gboyega



It is indeed with a deep sense of concern that I pen this epistle and I hope it finds all our minds prepared and ready to think and work along the path of progress and development for our dear Ikire land.

There is a popular saying that ‘whoever loves Ikire will succeed’ ( Eni to fe Ikire yoo se rere), it is on this premise that I find conviction that every indigene of Ikire who desires success would toll the same line of thought as I and many others do.

An adage says the lack of unity among snakes makes them all easy preys. Without any doubt, Ikire does not belong among communities whose indigenes are divided among themselves and it is this singular characteristic of ours that has made Ikire a prime factor in the political calculations in the State of Osun. However, how do we use this one voice of ours to our very own advantage in the coming gubernatorial elections in Osun is the big question that this letter seeks a quick answer to.

As immensely as Ikire has contributed to and supported the political aspirations of other communities, many top positions, such as Ministerial appointment, ambassadorial appointment, Senatorial seat, even state commissioner, not to talk of the coveted seat of the Governor are still very much  beyond our reach. Does it then mean we do not have sons and daughter that are qualified for these posts or what can we say our gains have been with all our years of active political participation?

May I reveal an open secret that has put Ede ahead of all other communities in Osun West senatorial district? It is simply because the only governor ever produced by the district and in fact the first in the State was from there. And in every facet of life, Ede leads while we follow; no community in our senatorial zone has a functioning water works but Ede. How about electricity supply? No other has it better. Above all is the cadre distribution in our State ministries, where sixty five percent of the Directors and other senior cadres are occupied by indigenes of Ede – the spoils of Adeleke’s first rule. No wonder that Ede people swiftly ignored political party and went for personality when their son needed their votes, having understood the importance of having their own son in power and they delivered. Rather than party loyalty, they put their community first, how smart! Therefore, a political maturity in which political party does not count but personality and interest is what I beckon my smart people of Ikire to.

If one may ask, how many Ikire indigenes do we have in top positions in the Nigerian Army, Airforce, Navy and others? All we can boast of is a handful of our people at the very low cadres of those elite forces. Do we then continue to fold our arms and watch smaller communities, who are far behind us in Educational advancements take what is rightfully ours? Many of our graduates have become subsistence farmers, wasting away in the villages due to lack of opportunities. Why won’t they when there is no one at the top for us. How then can we hope that Ikire will develop when her children are so backward in everything? What do we tell our future generations, where do we say we were when other communities were pressing and getting what they wanted?

Therefore, Let it be known in all corners of our peaceful land and the state at large, let all that love Ikire; old and young, male and female, able and disable, the first of us and the last of us, the rich among us and the poor among us, the educated as well as the illiterates, students, artisans and politicians speak, act, fight in one accord that the coming governorship elections in Osun State should and must be all about IKIRE. In Osun West Senatorial district, Ikire MUST produce the next governor. For if we fail to clinch it this time, we might have to wait for twenty four (24) solid years to be our turn again.

Enough of our votes counting for others, ours and other communities’ votes must now count for IKIRE. Many candidates at the polls have gotten their victory, relying on our massive block of votes; Baba Akande of AD in his time, Olagunsoye Oyinlola of PDP and APC’S  Rauf Aregbesola of recent all attained their political goals with the help of our one-way votes. WHEN WILL IT THEN BE OUR TURN? Any political party that wants our votes this time must field our child.

Of course ours is not a case of want of suitable personality, as Ikire boasts of a large pool worthy, well educated and politically experienced sons and daughters to pick from. Moreover, a number of our illustrious sons have shown interest and are ready for the race to Abere come 2o18; Benedict Olugboyega Alabi (BOA) of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC- a seasoned manager and a financial expert cum Economist and Lere Oyewumi of Sherif’s faction of PDP among others. We must therefore make a stand point that never will we continue in servitude of bedecking the waist of other people’s maidens with our precious beads, for what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


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