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A Rejoinder To An Unethical And Unconditional Submission Of Charles Adeyemi On Osun 2018 Guber Slot Zoning To Osun West Senatorial District



It should be said that operationalism of an ideal Political system and runnings have fundamental rules,tradition, ethics in Written and Unwritten forms which are religiously followed by those that are trained and well fast on Political Terrain as a delicate field/Profession upon which a novice or a green person like one Mr Charles ADEYEMI could have claimed a proved knowledge of.

Position of an Elderstateman like Baba Akande on the proper workings of Osun Politics is an unrivalled and always based on hard facts that could not be twisted or painted black for the suspecting innocent public.

State of Osun has Constitutionally recognized Three Senatorial District ,each one absolutely independent of the other which represent Tripod stand upon which the State rests and serves as fundamental bases of distribution of State resources , developmental projects,power /political Offices and of course ,who gets what and to where what goes.

It was upon this undeniable facts that qualified Osun Central District to Produce the first and second Governors in this Democratic Dispensation commencing in 1999 to 2003 with Chief Bisi Akande and Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola between 2003 and November 2011.Take notice that Osun East Senatorial District was allowed by other Two Senatorial Districts to produce the Incumbent Governor in person of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola of our time since Nov. 2011 till 2018.(Two uncommon Tenures).

From the above open facts,it is only mischievous ,ungodly,Unconstitutionally guided and politically insane commentator who speaks with both sides of his mouth for a cheap popularity that could submit to the Public domain a stuff like that of Charles ADEYEMI lacking proved knowledge.

We bow and drop our caps for Baba Chief Bisi Akande for calling a spade a spade and hit the nail on the head by declaring Osun West Senatorial District to produce Ogbeni Aregbesola’s Successor in 2018.The declaration will principally ensue and ensure political stability, equity,justice,fair play and enduring working relationships between the Three Senatorial Districts of the State of Osun.

Finally, we call on the public to always discard and disregard any submission of paid and green writer like Charles on sensitive issue like this.

Hon Omolaoye, O. Akintola. APC ,National Ex-Officio, SW.

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