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Read: Resourcefulness; Your Value (2) (Motivational)



By Thomas Opeyemi
“But how do you manage to do these hard works even in this scorching sun?”
That’s the question I asked Tunde when I saw him the last time and his reply:
“I was called to do this, so there is no excuse for me not to do it…”
Tunde is an apprentice Tailor.
He also capped his response with this:
“I have a target and once I hit my target, the rest na freestyle.”
Our work on this planet does not have to be done by someone else for us…
We have our duties assigned specifically and that’s in correlation to our typical and unique abilities and the sooner we take that into the zone of admittance, the closer we are to fulfilment.
In many cases, climbing the ladder isn’t always easy as we find some shaky, odd and ugly times but those times are the best for us to remember who we are and what dignifies us as special persons.
The cock says, ” even if humans have built artificial clock and time alarms, I’d still crow because I was created for this”.
Something permanent has been deposited in the mind of each man and its usage manual is there with it.
It’s just ours to decipher how it’s meant to be used.
Seek help, pray, do what you love and don’t mind critics
The servant in the Bible got one talent but didn’t want to see his master’s fierceness; he kept it and gave it back to the master on request and yet, he was punished for not being profitable and his talent was given to another servant who was resourceful.
Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re being loved;
Even if you seem to be the youngest;
Even if you seem to have many lesser choices.
Press on and keep working on the natural speciality you possess.
You’d definitely outlive your current challenge.
Thanks for reading.

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