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Read: Your Value (1) (Motivational)



-Thomas Opeyemi John
“As I’ve seen myself, valueless and without a price-tag so do I beseech you to give to yourself a cost inestimable.”
‘Thomas Opeyemi.
For many, the societal needs and demands have created a bending such that they find it easy to go for anything as long as it suits their thirst for specific resources.
We’ve been made with a mind that determines its own standpoint and standards hence, we’re to grow into principled and disciplined folks.
With potentials that dwell within, we should be able to develop into men who are close to being indispensable at certain times and conditions.
Excellence is built in us but our assignment is to search within to see in which angle/corner it’s being deposited…
It may be in critical thinking and solutions providence, charity, entrepreneurship, attitudinal grace or mood lifting acts…
We should search for that which we’ve been made to do best and find our excellence that lies therein…
We’re individual anchors that holds the ship which occupies many and we should recognize our value…
Great men don’t go for anything…
They go for the best things with hopes even when they seem far from it..
Give yourself the required inestimable value and good fortune will come to you in due time…
…Resourcefulness(Your value 2) comes soon…

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