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Analysts Want FG To Rethink Move To Sell National Assets



From Abiodun Ogunrinde, Ibadan


Sequel to the recent initiative from the Federal government on how to get the nation out of the wood as far as its financial challenges are concerned, Public Affairs analysts have submitted that there are other choices available for the federal government instead of funding the deficit of the next budget via sales of national patrimony like the Tafa Balewa Square, National Theatre and others.


Dr Tunde Hamzat, a Public Affairs analyst, Financial Consultant and Senior Adviser to a member of the House of Representatives,  Hon Temitope Olatoye on Media and Srategy said that the intention of the federal government to dispose national monuments in order to tackle the country financial challenges should be critically looked into.


He lauded the new head of FIRS, Babatunde Fowler for his competency and professionalism, having announced about two or three weeks ago that about 75% of the projected revenue derivable from tax have been met.


Dr Tunde Hamzat implored government to also look inward.


According to him”the people that are wealthy, that have enough money, majority of them are the ones who do invade tax, where they don’t invade tax they Pay less, the poorest of the poor are the one paying more.


“Any you have a lot of industries in Nigeria that are not paying the correct amount of money that they supposed to pay if they don’t invade totally, what they do is to connive with Nigerians people working in various tax offices ”


He reiterated that selling off the national assets is not the way to go, making references to NTEL, NEPA and others.


Femi Ladapo while expressing his view said that when national monuments are sold to fund capital projects definitely after sometimes those capital projects will suffer the same fate those the previous one suffered because the problems with those monuments were mismanagement and non maintenance.


The analysts suggested that the Federal Government use the looted funds recovered instead of selling off our national pride and think of better choice.


They concluded by saying that national pride should not be mistakenly for national arrogance, that monuments are product of history and they should be kept and preserved for generation yet unborn.