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Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa: Police Investigate Dr Olapade Agoro on Breach of Peace



By Abdulrofiu Agboola

The Nigeria Police Force, Osun Command have begun investigations into the alleged conduct likely to cause breach of peace in the State of Osun by Dr Olapade Agoro, who is allegedly parading himself as the Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa Oriade Local Government area of the state.

CityMirrorNews gathered that the police had received complaint and reports that Agoro’s claim to the controversial chieftaincy title of Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa could degenerate to a full blown crisis if not checkmated on time.

olapade agoro

olapade agoro

Investigations have revealed that the police have consulted stakeholders in Ijeseland, including Oba Adekunle Aromolaran, Oriade Local Government and others to ascertain the veracity of Agoro’s claim that he was indeed conferred the chieftaincy of Atapami.

The police had written a letter dated July 12, 2016 to Oba Aromolaran, asking him to provide information on the controversial Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa chieftaincy title and whether Agoro’s claim to the title is lawful.

Another letter dated July 13, 2016 was also directed to the Council Manager of Oriade Local Government for the same purpose.

However, Oba Aromolaran in a letter directed to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Osun Command, said that there is no chieftaincy title called Atapami or Owa Atapa of Itapa-Ijesa, in Oriade Local Government of the State of Osun, as being claimed by Agoro.

Oba Aromolaran urged the security agency to prosecute Agoro for conduct likely to cause breach of peace, maintaining that there is nobody installed or known as Owa-Tapa of Itapa Ijesa.

A copy of the letter dated July 30, 2016, made available to CityMirrorNews on Friday reads: “There is no title known as the Owa-Tapa of Tapa-Ijesa. The Owa Obokun Adimula and paramount ruler of of Ijesalandhas the absolute tight as the consenting and prescribed authority over all chieftaincies in Ijesaland under the Osun State Chief’s Law, cap 25 to nominate and install any chief in Ijesaland.

“To elucidate my point, I wish to inform you that I installed Mr Olapade Agoro as Chief Atapami of Ilesa-a minor chief and Ifa priest in June 1982 and when I later discovered his dubious characters, I deposed him and abolished the title Atapami in March 1983 with approval of the then Military Government of the old Oyo State vide letter Ref No. CB/141/66/21/99 dated February 1985 addressed to Mr Olapade Agoro.

“It is pertinent to remark that Mr Olapade Agoro took his deposition to the Ilesa High Court and lost on March 27, 1997 and then appealed to the Court of Appeal, Akure, Ondo State where he also lost his appeal, while he also lost his suit for defamation of the Court of Appeal Nigeria vide the attached photocopies of the Court of Appeal Judgment dated June 18, 2015 and the Supreme Court of Nigeria Judgement in suit No SC.264/2003 delivered on Friday, November 2014.

“It is hoped that the above information would enable you to prosecute Mr Olapade Agoro in accordance with the Chiefs’ Law, Cap 25, Laws of Osun State and any other appropriate Laws applicable in his case.

In its reply to the police request, the Oriade Local Government in a letter dated July 18, 2016 insisted that there is no chieftaincy called Ataapa of Itapa Ijesa, and that Agoro was at no time installed as a chieftaincy owner.

The letter signed by Head of Administration and General Services of the local government, Mr S.A Odeyinka reads: There is no record in this Local Government to indicate that the said Olapade Agoro was at one time installed as an Oba and there is no community with the name Ataapa within the various communitie under the jurisdiction of the Oriade Local Government.

“Moreover, it was found in the record that the said Olapade Agoro instituted litigation against the past Elerinmo of Erinmo-Ijesa on the same issue but lost in the suit.

“Furthermore, the only recognized body of Obas in the Local Government is the Oriade Chieftaincy Committee and there is no name or title with Atapa of Itaapa among the list of its members.”

It would be recalled that the state government had written Agoro telling him there is no chieftaincy title like Atapami in Itapa-Ijesa, and he should therefore cease from calling himself that title.

In a letter dated August 19, 2016 signed by Mr. Femi Ogundun for the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Chieftaincy, Water Resources, Rural and Community Affairs, the state government said that there is no chieftaincy title called Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa.

“Atapami of Itapa-Ijesa is nonexistent and you should stop parading yourself as a holder of a nonexistent title as this runs contrary to section 21 sub – sections 3(9) and (b) of the chief’s law, cap. 25, laws of the state of Osun, 2012”.

But Agoro described the warning of the government as a diversionary tactic to shift the attention of the people from the mis-governance of the state by the current administration.

He said that he has documentary evidence of his installation in June 1982 where the Eleremon of Ereman, Oba Joe Oyeyemi who was among the dignitaries, prostrated for him.


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