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Salary Scandal Rocks Light Up Lagos Project, Workers Protest



By Segun Ojo, Lagos


Fraud and malfeasances has allegedly crept into the Governor Akinwumi Ambode’s Light Up Lagos Project, a programme designed to illuminate streets in Lagos State through functioning streetlights.

Workers in some locations (as designed for the purpose of the project) have raised alarm of an alleged plot by the handlers of the project to defraud them.

The locations involved are: Oyingbo; Adekunle, Jibowu, Metogo marry, among others.

The workers who are in two categories: operator and security claimed that they were being owed eight month salaries between 2015 and 2016.

According to the workers, the nonpayment of salary does not give them concern but the move by the handlers of the project to cheat them on five months salaries of 2015.

The workers who spoke with CityMirrorNews on condition of anonymity stated that they were being owed eight months salaries in 2015, out of which three months were paid.

While they were expecting the remaining five months salaries to be paid, the workers alleged that the Head of the project in the affected location, Mr Olalekan Faleke told them they should forget about the it, saying ‘it has gone with the 2015 election’.

They claimed that Faleke, popular called Bright has refused to pay the five months salaries of 2015, adding that whenever they asked; he would tell them ‘the salaries have gone with the 2015 election’.

For the year 2016, the workers claimed they were being owed four months salaries of April; May June, July and August. They have been paid January, February and March salaries.

It was gathered that a new contractor has taken over the project in July, even as there is no hope in sight for the payment of the backlog of salaries.

When contacted on phone, Faleke (Bright) stated that the claims of the workers were false, even as he did not state whether the workers have been paid or not.

Faleke said: “I know the people you are talking about (the workers who complained to CityMirrorNews). None of them can say that in my presence. I want you to tell them that they should come to me; you can also come with them. All what they might have told you is far from the truth.”

According to the workers, a supposed Supervisor for the project in the affected locations, one Olamide and Lawrence were in charge of paying their salary by hand.

Olamide’s phone number was said to be switched off, CityMirrorNews called his line several times.

The workers were employed as casual workers by the Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) in 2014. There are one operator and two security men who are in charge of illuminating the streetlights and securing the power generating sets and other materials being used in each location.


Nigerians what are we changing? Lagosians is this the so called change ? I am an operator working for Lagos state, I am incharge of lighting the streets lights, light up Lagos, I work day nd night 24hrs to light up our so called str, now over four months salary is not paid, I have families to cater for, how much is my salary per month for the sleepless job I do, just #20 000. I called the contractors incharge, I was told that our governor Akinwunmi Ambode has not pay. Truely I dont have our governor contact, but I know if I pass this to d social network it is likely he gets to its office. We are suffering we the employ operators and securities employ at Oyingbo unit, Adekunle unit, Jibowu , Metogo marry and other unit under contractor Bright and Olamide, they have started this year again last year the said contractors under Lagos state owe us eight month salary, they refuse to pay us till today, our contractors told us our money is use for politics things last year they beg us to continue work we had to continue since we have not see another job. now this year another four month not paid, now our governor as bring in another contractor controling our unit, although this new contractors are trying they have even pay us before month end. But what happen to our this year for month salary if we had forego the last year eight month salary our governor sir what will happen to our this year four month salary, our governor above mention contractors claim the governor have not paid them, and I heard the news of the governor planing to build more street lights, while he have not pay the salaries of workers working for them. We are human beings we have responsibility to carter for. Bright contact 08065448990 Olamide contact 08174597233. Pls good Nigerians above contacts are d contractors numbers help call them, make we no work in vain.                       PLS REBROADCAST

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