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Natural Solution To Help Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally



Diabetes rates are rising, in fact it is now considered an (epidemic) in
the medical community.
The International Diabetes Federation reports that:
=> 1.5 Million Nigerians are confirmed Diabetic.
=> Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death.
=> Diabetes increases heart attack risk and 68% of
diabetes related death
certificates report heart related problems.
=> 75% of adults with diabetes will develop high blood
=> Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney
failure and nervous
system disorders.
=> Diabetes costs $174 billion annually.
Diabetes is a well-established problem and a multi-billiondollar industry.
There are various causes of diabetes, which includeGenetic Factor, Stress,
Toxins, Adrenals and Excess Sugar
But How Do We Solve It?
All of the above contributing factors don’t usually happen by themselves.
Since the body functions as a whole, a problem in one area will usually
correlate to problems in others. A combination of the
factors above can be
the catalyst for a full blown case of diabetes (or a lot of
other diseases).
While researchers often look at a single variable when
trying to discover a
cure for a disease, often the best approach is one that
addresses the body
as a whole.
As with all diseases, the best cure is good prevention,
but certain
measures can help reverse disease once it has occurred.
Unfortunately, most people are not given the benefit of
this approach. When
diagnosed with diabetes, most people are told to avoid
sugar (good step,
not the solution). If the problem is bad enough, they are
told to take
medication to give the body insulin.
Insulin is also dangerous if it is left circulating the the
blood. Somehow,
treating too much circulating glucose and insulin with
more insulin doesn’t
seem like the right approach…
It isn’t just keeping blood sugar levels down through insulin control that
helps diabetes, but fixing the actual problem causing the
Addressing just one aspect of the problem (blood sugar
or insulin) ignores
all the other factors like poor diet, toxins, stress, gut
problems, immune
issues etc.
Instead, this single focuses approach can contribute to
the problem, making
insulin resistance worse and eventually leading to insulin
diabetes when the pancreas shuts down completely.
7 Steps To Help Your Body Recover From Diabetes.
1. Get Insulin Problems Under Control– Diabetes is
triggered by insulin
resistance and regaining proper insulin sensitivity can
help reverse the
2. Get Your Fats in Good Balance– Overabundance of
Omega-6 fats in the diet
is a contributing factor in diabetes.
3. Fix your Gut– Not the beer gut, your intestines.
4. Exercise– Even the mainstream medical community
recognizes the advantage
of exercise, as it increases the muscles ability to use
insulin and over
time can help fix insulin resistance.
5. Lose Excess Weight– Obesity and Diabetes often go
hand in hand, losing
weight can help mitigate diabetes, and also lowers your
risk of getting it
to begin with.
6. Reduce Stress– Stress raises cortisol and can lead to
imbalance, insulin issues and increases risk for certain
types of disease.
7. Supplement– Supplements can help your body heal
from diabetes,
especially while your body works to gain proper insulin
reactions again.
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