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‪ Entrepreneurship Development, A Sure Way End Unemployment



By Oluwamayowa Ojo

Entrepreneurship had been realized about few decades ago to be a platform through which several nations’ economy could be driven. Empirical evidences have shown that entrepreneurship had gone a long way to curb unemployment, poverty and under development in many Third World countries.

Therefore, it is not an over- statement to say that entrepreneurship is very important for the economic well-being of an individual, family, and nation as a whole.

Entrepreneurship is a process of creating something new, organizing and managing business, assuming risk and enjoying the reward of an enterprise, the act of being creative, and attempt at bringing into existence what previously was not in existence.

The concept of entrepreneurship has a wider range of moving. On the one extreme, an entrepreneur is a person of very high aptitude, who can adapt to change, possessing characteristics found in only small fraction of the population. On the other extreme, he is defined as any one who wants to work for himself or herself.

Nigeria, unlike other developed countries of the world such as Japan, China, USA, USSR, Britain to mention few of them are faced with uncountable problems and challenges which include insecurity of the society, kidnapping, conflicts, terrorism by bokoharam, unemployment and so on.

The above listed situations pose grant challenges and problem on Nigerian economic system which affect both youth and old ones.

The problems are enhanced by the level of corruption and mis-managements by our so called leaders who are just leading for selfish reasons at large. The money that are supposed to be used in developing our own land are boarded to foreign lands where they make an unwisely decision in establishing or developing other well upright land. The attitude simply means that they sell ‘their houses and lost their homes.’

In every country, all cannot be gainfully employed by the government or form any private owned company or organization. But, it would be proper if our youths can be empowered or counseled by both government and private organizations who know what business entails.

The habit of learning skills in one way on how to get something done should be developed in our immediate institutions, and in extended secondary schools, by our government and private owned companies to encourage entrepreneurship acquisition.

Entrepreneurship is intended to bring about change in attitudes, perspectives, problem solving capabilities, as well as decision making propensities of all entrepreneur. it doesn’t require that both youth and old who is empowered through training skills could be a graduates, literate and even an ill-educated ones can function effectively in the society for their own benefits and the society at large. This simply means that the traning skill is not meant for the literate alone. It must be generalized among all the citizens in a country.

The provision for the skill in some of our institutions like federal polytechnic offa and many others as developed by the federal government is a good one which enhance or allow a student to be enlighted on one or two knolwedges about entrepreneurship skills before he/she graduate from school but it must not be limited to institution alone . It must also   increased to the level of public orientation, conference, seminaers, and so on so as to bring the knowledges more closen to the public in order to reduce unemployment and to facilitate economic well-being of individual.

As an entrepreneur, it is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all. In case you fail by difficult challenges, it is a normal thing in life because without it, one cannot move forward or get new system about something .whenever you are faced with challenges, ways on how to overcome it must be the first thing on your mind rather than be upset or lose hope.

The provision for entrepreneurship fund should also be governments impression i.e. they should be able to provide for money in order to help people who are unable to raise their new business. All this will limit all forms of economy and societal problems in one way or the other.

In building Nigerian youths for amelioration of unemployment and the use of entrepreneurship, there would be need to transform them into self-sufficient, self-employed, self-independent, ambitious and skillful members of the society who take advantage of relevant professional opportunities in the society.

Finally, if the spirit of self employment can be embraced throughout the nation and the desire for collective survival, there will be a well growth of economic development, mutual support and understanding, well-being of the citizen, creativity among Nigerian citizens and the old ones.

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