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Tinubu Vs Oyegun: Bola Ilori Explodes, Says Buhari Should Tell Them Whether they are still needed or not in APC





* APC as a party has no legitimate candidate in Ondo State as of today. Barr Akeredolu’s candidature is in breach of the party primary election process, since fraudulent acts were adopted to pad many other frauds from the election. He is therefore not a candidate validly produced by our party, but a product of unilateral action by the National Chairman of APC.

* Aketi is Oyegun’s candidate….. and not that of the All Progressives Congress Party.

* Ondo APC governorship bid is that of AKETI PEOPLE’S CONGRESS, and not of All Progressive Congress. (APC)

* I back the call by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and all well-meaning leaders of the party in calling for the urgent resignation of the National Chairman of APC, in other to save the integrity of APC. His quick resignation will douse much of the acrimony in the party today.

* People are already moving and cross-carpeting in droves from APC to AD on daily basis in Ondo State….AD in Ondo state today is a mass movement. The disenchanted members of “PDP Gbasibe”, and the “PDP Konigba” factions, with several fringe parties and many sympathisers of progressives in the state are currently finding solace in AD.

* Whereas Asiwaju is not God, yet he and his people deserves better treatment in the present APC. Although he has not commented on the AD regeneration, many of the people that believe in him are already feeling disenchanted with the manner APC is regressing to the old ways of PDP’s impunity.  Just because they hate Tinubu, 5 is suddenly greater than 6!!!

* Ondo State APC members are no stranger to AD. The original DNA of most the APC member in Ondo State can actually be traced to AD, so it’s a rejuvenation of the natural habitat of our people. If we return to AD today, there’s No Anti-Party in that. Nobody can deny the role, colour and content of AD in Ondo state APC from inception till date. Whoever is in AD today is just trying not to stray from its aboriginal roots, especially in this season of anomie in Ondo state APC.

* Asiwaju is human being, so we can disagree with him if there is reason for it; but on this matter, he is just can’t be more right for insisting that the party must follow the path of integrity.

* I’m sure that if it could be proven as it has been done at the appeal committee that Tinubu’s preferred candidate in the primaries was a product of clear fraud, the Tinubu I know would have called for a fresh election exercise. This is the Asiwaju that fought against a third term during Obasanjo tenure which he could have benefitted from just because it offended the sensibilities of Nigeria’s constitution and Nigerians.

* I’m not canvassing against Aketi because I want to be Deputy to Olusola Oke, but I find it trite to stand for what is right even if it means standing alone.  I’m also qualified to be the governor. I did contested for the seat 10 years ago. And for your information, another aspirant in the primaries has offered to produce the deputy for Olusola Oke.

* While we must separate the President from those claiming to be acting on his behalf, there is the urgent need for President Buhari to speak out on the travails of the South-West in the APC enterprise, and let us know if we are still wanted in the party or we should move on. That is the only way the current conflagration that have started in Ondo state will not go viral in the South West. For all practical purposes, Ondo state has moved on for now, we should only be concerned about other states.

* As much as we may have our own sense of reasoning, if today Tinubu says we should go to another party just like he led us to APC, we would not hesitate. For today. I’m in APC, but APC must act fast because the grounds are changing fast.  I can’t guarantee the next day from here, ‘cos we are not ready to put ourselves under Aketi People’s Congress.

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