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Nigeria needs scientist as President to survive, says Olu Odeyemi




Following the challenges ravaging the country with its adverse effects on the economy, a renowned educationist, Professor Olu Odeyemi has attributed the menace to unchecked palpable leadership incompetence, mediocrity and deficiency.

The professor of sciences said the country is being backward due to perpetual enthronement of mediocrity to leadership positions.

Odeyemi stated this while addressing a press conference heralding the celebration of the combined convocation of the Igbajo Polytechnic, Igbajo, Boluwaduro Local Government Area of Osun state.

He said Nigeria has been diplomatically run aground to the extent that nothing works again, saying it is high time to jettison lip political services for scientific approach.

The veteran scientist said Nigeria needs a scientist to survive at this critical economic moment, adding that for the nation to maintain her economic status, all hands must be on deck to facilitate quick dethronement of someone grounded in science, technology and innovation as President.

He bemoaned over the way and manner to which the nation’s economy is being run over the years, saying the country would have been better ruled if scientists were allowed to govern the country.

Prof. Odeyemi said those that have been governing the country in the last five decades were neither scientists nor technologists, hence, calls for holistic resolve to elect scientists to positions of authority.

He insisted that the worsen economy of the country called for immediate re-awakening, saying no country triumphs without science, technology and innovation.

Odeyemi said Nigeria and Nigerians needs scientists and technocrats to rescue the nation from the scourge of recession being plunged into, arguing that the current economic situation could only be revitalized with contemporary-scientific approaches.

Professor Odeyemi who is also the Chairman Governing Council of the institution said, no genuine development and sound governance can be achieved if the country failed to prioritise science and technology.

The revered scientist, who won 1990 Award of Scientists, however regretted over the bastardization of the scientific-governance being inherited from the British, saying it is always disastrous whenever incompetence, mediocrity and gross ineptitude predominate the democratic and demographic structures of a country.

Odeyemi said: “it is unheard to discerning ears that Nigeria, a British-colonised country is still battling with scientific complications to move forward.

“It is regrettable that people that have been in one way or the other piloting affairs of over 170 million Nigerians seem to be religious scholars and partial technocrats.  Even those scholars that are in government, what are their disciplines? Someone that read Christian Religious Studies or Islamic Religious Knowledge and you are telling such a person you want to build a turbine. He will not be interested.”

“All we need at the moment is beyond miraculous tendencies but rather, a scientific approach to place the country to the path of success, transformation and greatness as being aspired by all.

Giving the breakdown of the graduands , the Rector of the polytechnic, Dr. Akinola Olaolu, explained that the maiden convocation of the polytechnic would involved students that graduated in the last 10 years.

According to him, 1, 833 students out of which 105 got distinctions and another 401, Upper Credit would be graduating during the convocation.

Also, as part of the convocation activities, Dr. Akinola said eminent Nigerians that include the industrialist, Prince Tunde Ponle and legal icon; Chief Adegboyega Awomolo would be conferred with honorary merit awards.

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