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Boko Haram fresh attack forces hundreds to run for their safety



Sahara Reporters sources say that the insurgents killed at least four locals while hundreds other have run for their safety in yesterday’s onslaught.
According to witnesses, hundreds of civilians, including children, were seen moving along the Konduga-Maiduguri road, escaping the violence.
On his own part, Senator Kaka Garbai, representing Borno Central at the National Assembly, who answered to the village after the attack, criticised the violence and advised the army to do more to protect the lives and property of Borno state residents.
Garbai told reporters that “the terrorists killed four people here last night. I came here to condole with the relations of the victims.
However, a local vigilante Miana Ibrahim reported that six people were murdered. He also said that livestock were killed and many domes were devastated by fire.
The village of Mairi is situated in the Konduga local government area of Borno state. The attack on the area took place late Friday night and resulted in many parts of the village being set ablaze.
Despite the announcement of President Muhammadu Buhari that the terrorists have been technically defeated, the Boko Haram continue to attack and kill innocent Nigerians.
Dalori village was stormed last weekend where more than eighty-five people were reportedly killed and the whole village was burnt down.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Melek

    February 27, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    May God grant the families of the dsseaeed the fortitude to bear the irreparable losses. Definitely, the killers and the masterminder(s) of these devilish acts shall meet their creator one day. On no account must you kill another soul. ISLAM as a religion does not ask anybody to kill. For what? It is not written anywhere. Practise your faith and let me do mine, that’s the philosphy of Islam. The killers have a completely different hidden agenda, either they are fighting for something else or they want Muslims and Christians to clash in Nigeria. I pray it would never happened. Let’s stop pointing accuse fingers at only HAUSAS and MUSLIMS, there is more to this crisis. The people behind this attrocities are very wise, they want christianity to feel threatened and probably retaliate to cause chaos in Nigeria. THIS IS MORE POLITICAL. Anyway, we shall all leave this World one day to meet our creator and give account of how we spend our lives.

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