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Nigeria at 56: Nigerians Demand Stability of Economy



By Olumayowa Ojo

Nigerians have called on President Muhammadu Buhari, National Assembly and the state Governors to devise means of stabilizing Nigeria’s economy for sustainable development.

Nigerians said President Buhari must, as a matter of urgency, finding solution to the economic quagmire of the country, saying that the unhealthy Nigeria’s economy is having adverse effect on the common people of the country.

Speaking with CityMirrorNews reporters on Saturday in an interview on the 56th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, the concerned people lamented that life is becoming more difficult for the masses day-by-day.

One of the interviewees, Mr Omoniyi Ogunsola said the first thing President Buhari needs to do is tackling the economic challenges headlong, rather than placing political embargo on the country.

Omoniyi said: “We voted for change, and we know change cannot happen in a day or in a month. But it appears there is no direction for our economy. President Buhari seems not to have economic direction. Our economy is getting worse everyday.

“Petroleum is not only the way we can survive in Nigeria, before the advent and discovery of petroleum in the country, Nigeria used to rely on agriculture and it helped the economy. Why can’t we go back to agriculture and enhanced more farming system by empowering the youths on farming.”

Ogunsola attributed the economic recession to what he called reckless spending, corruption and budget for frivolity by the pass administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He stated that before the president barred the importation of rice and other goods for the promotion of local production, he ought to have ensured that the country had enough goods which could sustaine citizens till the time local productions would be sufficient.

“We know importation is causing more problems for our economy, it devalue our currency and rubbish our monetary policy. But the president needs to find a better way to end the problem rather putting the masses in recession”, he said.

Another interviewee, Mrs Olawumi Adeosun said: “Corruption is not the only thing president Buhari is voted to do. We know all could not happen in a day but there are no signs of the changes he promised. People know he was capable, that was why they voted him in as the leader.

“Everyone in the country knows things had spoiled before he got to power, but he should applied systematic ways of doing things rather stopping importation suddenly which brought in this present hard times for us.

“We hope and pray this hard time end soon, the situation of the country now needs prayers from all citizens for peace to reign.”

They then charged all citizens to embrace farming, at least for the production of food.

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