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Tinubu Needs to Learn From Awolowo, MKO, Alaafin to Save Himself from Political Destruction



My Dear Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Greetings;
I write this letter to you not as a politician, because I am NOT ONE, but future to be, and as Comrade and an activist who have seen so much in body polity: the good, bad, and ugly of Nigeria contemporary history.
I write this letter to draw your attention to EVERY TIME MISTAKE politicians from Southern Nigeria, particularly, YORUBAS, who claim to be more debonair, cosmopolitan, intellectually sagacious make in their unholy alliance with axis of evil-a mafia and a cabal-that had prevented Nigeria to RISE above a crawling baby since independence in 1960.
This group from their dark inner concave continuously use suspecting, un-suspecting, committed nationalists, harmless, and willing souls like you to grab power; power they always abuse, more important, use against their benefactors once the sword is in their hand.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

As a Yoruba man with so much knowledge on Yoruba historical past, without being immodest, I think, it will be to your interest to learn from history, retract your steps, where possible; seek forgiveness, where necessary, then begin a new journey with those of like mind, not for today, but for your TOMORROW.
Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, there are five historical antecedents, this long letter will share and draw your attention to; PLEASE, DO NOT IGNORE, but choose the pathway of wisdom. Never succumb to pride, but humble yourself to emend, where and when necessary.
Number One Event: Alaafin Arogangan Aole and Are Ona-Kan-Kan-Fo Afonja, Ilorin, and Yoruba Two Hundred Years After.
About two hundred years ago in 1815 at Ilorin, old Oyo Empire northern frontier, an incident happened, which changed the dynamics of Yoruba political system forever.
Afonja-the son of Alugbin, son of Pasin, son of Laderin became the Are Ona-Kankan-Fo and viceroy of Ilorin, viceroy office started with his great grandfather, Laderin, the appointee of Alaafin Ajiboyede.
From available records, Afonja is loved, respected by his seventy-man Esos; adore and venerated by Ilorin, surrounding towns, villages, and communities.
However, after investiture, Afonja’s interest shifted from the chief security officer to political leadership, resulting in rivalry, distrust between Alaafin Aole, and Afonja.
The rivalry was so intense that Alaafin Aole commissioned Afonja to undertake an impossible, perhaps, a suicidal mission; attack on Iwerre-Ile, the maternal home of Alaafin Ajiboyede.
Out of anger and frustration, Afonja commenced a bitter war against Alaafin Aole with the help of a Fulani sojourn, Mallam Alimi, who had just moved from Kuwo-a suburb of Ilorin, in a deal facilitated by Solagberu-a long-term friend of Afonja.
Oyo-Igboho was destroyed beyond repairs; thousands killed, homes and property destroyed by the rampaging Afonja-Alimi soliders.
Afonja became de-facto lord as Oyo laid in ruins and Yoruba nation dislocated. Even though, the lion roared from Ilorin, the forest refused to be still; within months, a payback time arrived. Alimi’s unruly soldiers or Jaama became a menace to Ilorin residents just like today’s Fulani Bororoje herdsmen; Afonja was helpless, and in this confused state, Alimi conspired against his benefactor-Afonja- shortly, he was assassinated.
Afonja’s home carefully exterminated by Alimi; his soldiers, sectional warlords, and supporters massacred, in succession, by 1817 when Alimi died, Yoruba had lost Ilorin to the Fulanis.
By 1823, Ilorin became one of the fourteen emirates under Usman-Dan-Fodio, the Futa Djallon, Fulani man, who had overrun the entire Hausa states from Gobir to the western border of Kanem-Bornu Empire on pretext of religious piety.
Any lesson from this account? Can we see the price of greed, thirst for political power on Afonja, Ilorin, and the entire Yoruba nation? Afonja suffered a double jeopardy-he lost the anticipated extensive power and Ilorin. Sad to say, two hundred years after, Yoruba is yet to recover. Is there no similar trend in Yoruba land at present?
Number Two Event-Are Ona-Kankan-Fo Kurunmi of Ijaye: One- Man-Riot
One of the major problems military attack on Oyo created was the destruction of towns, villages, and communities, resulting in humanitarian crises.
With Oyo gone, Iresa, Ikoyi and many more to follow, establishing new towns and communities became a necessity.
Among new the towns were Ibadan in the east, Ijaye in the west; Ijaye came under the might hand of Kurunmi, the most powerful Yoruba political figure in mid-19th century. Kurunmi was so powerful that everyone feared him.
Kurunmi cared for nobody, his concern was power and political survival, forgetting there was tomorrow. Kurunmi built himself, but failed to build Ijaye, Kurunmi created a kingdom, but failed to empower Ijaye kingdom for tomorrow’s survival.
Kurunmi fought everybody, from Alaafin Atiba to Adelu; he engaged in supremacy battle with Basorun Oluyole and Ogunmola of Ibadan, he terrorized Oke-Ogun-region, especially, towns around Saki under Okere; since he was not satisfied on how Alaafin Atiba resolved the matter before he died, Kurumi declared war, shortly after Alaafin Adelu was crown.
Thanks to Ibadan war machine under Basorun Ogunmola, which “routed Kurunmi-Ijaye/Egba alliance (forces)…When Kurunmi saw the direction of the war-that he was running against time…Kurunmi committed suicide and Ijaye was destroyed by Ibadan army,” says:
Today, nothing is left on Ijaye soil other than mounds, ruins from yesterday’s attack, thick forest, and fallowed land-dwelling place of wild animals, reptiles, and nightjars.
Lesson-there is danger pursuing inordinate ambition, seeking power beyond every reasonable limit backfires; an excessive or extreme power is a gunpowder with potential to explode anytime, and possibility of destroying whoever possess it. Kurunmi’s excessive power eventually became his undoing and albatross. Is there no trend in Yoruba land today?
Number Three Event: Chief Obafemi Awolowo and The 1962-66 Western Region Crises
Number Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu- you are very conversant with 1962 Western Region crises, which began with the arrest, detention, trial, and imprisonment of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
Remember the dark forces of 1815, which treacherously took Ilorin, are still interested in over-running Yoruba land.
Regardless, of several pushbacks beginning with Osogbo military adventure of 1840s by Ibadan under Basorun Oluyole, even with Fulani’s defeat at Osogbo, they had not given up; because Yoruba land is a priced property, they wanted.
However, Awolowo’s superior politics combined with Yoruba unequal civilization made their quest impossible.  For more than fifty years, several means-they had devised-mainly-political persecution, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and lieutenants were the first pioneer victims; fate late Chief M.K.O. Abiola suffered, afterward.
Awolowo’s project became the dark force’s mission, to conquer west, under code name: Destroy Awolowo.
Temporarily, the project worked, Chief Awolowo was tormented, taunted, humiliated, disrobed politically, and caged. The enemies were happy that they succeeded, after all, Yoruba leader was in jail; regardless, Chief Awolowo refused to partner with darkness, refused any association with evil, more so, placed Yoruba interest above personal desires.
Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Where is the Awolowo of modern times? Where are the generations of Awolowo’s disciples? Where are the banner carriers in Yoruba land? Where are the Yoruba interest fighters, defenders, and promoters? Where is this day Tai Solarin? Where is 2016 Ganiyu Oyefeso Fawehinmi? Where is the physician-turn-human-rights-fighter-Dr. Bekololari Ransome-Kuti? Where are the Socrates in Yoruba land? Where the Platos in the land of Odua? Where is Cicero? Is Esa-Oke tired of giving Yoruba land another Cicero?
Number Four Event: Late Basorun Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola From National Party of Nigeria (NPN) To June 12, 1993.
Late Basorun Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola needs no introduction, a man of extra-ordinary and un-usual intellectual ability.
My generation came to know Chief M.K.O. Abiola from 1978  when the ban on political activities lifted, National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) were formed.
Chief Abiola became the foundation, pillar, and support NPN rested upon. Abiola labored, invested, worked, and contributed to make National Party big and great. From Lagos, to Ibadan, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Maiduguri, Port-Harcourt, back to Lagos, it was M.K.O.
Unfortunately, Abiola became a victim of no-vacancy-for-southern-presidential-candidates, when late Alhaji Umaru Dikko, ultra conservative’s representative during 1983 presidential nomination race, said, “Presidency is not for Sale.”
As a true son of Odua, late Chief Abiola made immediate U Turn by resigning his membership from NPN; more important, humbly sought forgiveness from those he had wronged, particularly, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
Lesson-at times, someone may be on a wrong course, route, or place; or someone keeping bad friendship, but as soon as one discovers, correction must follow immediately, and no reason to wait.
Abiola did exactly so, for another ten years (1983-1993) Abiola underwent a political rebirth, from a pupil politician to a national hero, which explained his second coming as a favored and most loved Nigerian politician expressed on June 12, 1993.
Although, did not hold his elected office of president for a minute, however, Abiola recreated Nigeria Political landscape, forever.  Abiola demystified and deflated the so-called Hausa-Fulani political invincibility; more so, he destroyed the invulnerable monolithic North forever.
Number Five Event: Alhaja Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Contribution to Buhari’s Presidency
It is always said, the best experience in life is the personal experience; there is no doubt, as a politician and a major player in this political dispensation-you have helped enthroned four Nigerians as presidents.
Particularly, General Muhammad Buhari, who had run for three unsuccessful times, and his born-to-rule mantra could not do the magic.
It is on record-you pulled resources, mobilized foot soldiers, used social, political, and cultural connections to sell Buhari as a political product to Nigerians.
In fact, General Buhari’s arrogance and apolitical outlook would have made him lose to  another candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and then compelled him retire to Daura, but you saved him.
Even though, his Hausa-Fulani brethren will tell a different story that Buhari won on his merit, not through your contribution and support.
Event in the past fifteen months have shown that Hausa-Fulani used and dumped YOU.
Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you have become the proverbial sugarcane Buhari & Co sucked, and then disposed the chaff; you have become a groundnut, or a kernel shell-once the seed is out-the shell is of no use; Alhaji Tinubu, if care is not taken, you may soon become a FIRE BOOSTER, what Yoruba calls “Eesan.”
Before it gets to that point, you need to act fast, just as Abiola wisely did some thirty-three years ago by RESIGNING from NPN; you should bid All People Congress (APC) the Party of strange bed fellows, goodbye.
Never be carried away by your Poison Antidote-you may suffer multiple bites from these vipers leading to incremental poison, which may render your antidote ineffective.
Advice and Conclusion
Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you are no longer a novice to Nigerian politics, after all, you are a master, neither are Hausa-Fulani politics strange to you.
Hausa-Fulani are power hungry, power thirsty, and can go any length in pursuit of to sustain their parasitic social and economic life.  Because of their greed and penchant for power, they are not ready share power with anyone, even if you share same faith and beliefs with them; or holier than them.
My advice to you is to follow a pathway of wisdom, leave this club of darkness, reconcile with those you had wronged in your political journey-Afenifere, Yoruba Council of Elders, your former deputies, political sons and daughters, which you may need in the future.
Finally, go and create a new coalition, which this primitive, outdated, and old-fashioned sixth century sheikh-like system may found too sophisticated to challenge.
Reach out to Igbos, allay their fears; beg the Niger-Delta, should they have any grievances against you; work with Yoruba brethren in Kwara and Kogi, let they know, what is at stake-their independence or continued slavery under Fulani yoke in their homeland. Remind them of labors and tears of late Josiah Olawoyin and Cornelius Adebayo.
Liaise with folks in Benue and Plateau, who had become stepping-stone to Hausa-Fulani’s rise to power-remind them of their hero- J.S.Tarka; sympathize with them on several losses from Arewa decades of butchery.
Seek the Southern Kaduna or Gbagyi/Gbari people out, the aborigines that have suffered so much from Fulani tormentors in the past two hundred years.
Build a network with Adamawa, Jukun, Seyawa, and other Northern Nigerian minorities and Christians, who have suffered so much in the land their ancestors, bequeathed to them; reach out to Ibibio, Efik, Anag, Ikwerre. Visit Ijaw, Ogoni, Kalabari, Ndoni, Okrika, thank them for their magnanimity of over five decades of continued feeding Nigerians from their wealth, while they are hungry. Let they know you feel for those years of plunder without a plough back.
Alhaji Tinubu, stretch your hands across Niger.
You may become another M.K.O., perhaps, another June 12 may come your way or through your anointed political son, which may be far better than 1993’s.
Then the real meaning of your name B.A.T., Be Agent (of) Transformation becomes a reality.
I hope you won’t push this advice aside; remember, “To Obey is better than Sacrifice.” I thank you for taking time to read this letter.
May You Have PEACE.

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1 Comment

  1. Victoria

    October 2, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Well articulated and very informative.

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