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Nigerians celebrate 56th Independent Anniversary amid hardship, gloom



Many Nigerians today celebrate independence anniversary amidst unprecedented suffering they have witnessed since the nation came out of its civil war three decades ago.

Worsening economic recession, borne by fallen prices of crude oil products and activities of local militias have denied most homes of comfort they had enjoyed in the past decades.

President Muhammadu Buhari rose to power on May 29th 2015, raising hope of increased prosperity, resolute fight against corruption and terrorism that had almost grounded socio-economic activities in the country.

While troops have been able to quell monstrous killings by the Boko Haram group, bombing of oil facilities by Niger-Delta, and move for self-determination by aggrieved groups in South-East have persisted under the present government.

Prices of foodstuff and general costs of living are snowballing. Many private firms are shutting down, with consequential job losses over recession.

Today, most states across the country owe their employees between three to six months. Citizens struggle to cope with poorer roads, other infrastructures because there is huge deficit in this year budget financing.

However, there are rays of hope as the administration of President Buhari keeps reiterating its commitment to turn the trend around. Currently, the Africa Development Bank, headed by Dr Akinwumi Adesina has offered to
help the nation with $10 billion in the coming years. Adesina, who met President Buhari in Abuja recently pledged $1 billion to support the shortfall in this year Appropriation Act.

Source: National Mirror

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