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Sunset At Don: A Tribute To Comrade Don

By Jide Afolabi

I sent you a message earlier in the morning yesterday, only for me to be told that you died few hours later. Why, Revolutionary Wale Salami! You were stronger than that! I quickly called you with the confidence that you would pick and debunk the nonsense rumour only for my calls to be busied.

Comrade Don
Comrade Don

I rushed to send you message on WhatsApp but no response. At that point with a few other enquiries from other Comrades, my hope began to vanish gradually.

I’m surprised that you succumbed to the filthy cold hands of death when we needed you most. Why would you even die without a revolutionary salute? Why would you join Castro without a goodbye? Why would you deplete our ranks further?

You fought on all the terrains of our struggle, contributing to all the strands of Nigeria’s resistance movements. Why can’t you fight death and stay with us?

You were a fighter and a leader, an organiser and a mobiliser, the quintessential person of ideas and of action. Mobilising for a revolutionary cause and social transformation was your hobby.

Comrade Don played a significant role in the anti military, and pro democracy struggle; he was a key factor all through the years of struggle since 1999 for democratisation and for popular power.

Comrde Don as fondly called worked as National Administrative Secretary at the Secretariat and subsequently National Publicity Secretary of one of the most significant coalitions for struggle – the United Action For Democracy (UAD). He was at his transition to immortality the Interim National Organising Secretary of the Movement – Take Back Nigeria Movement (TBN), as well as a member of the National Leadership of the Socialist Worker’s Movement (SWM)/May 31st Movement (M31M).

But Don, be rest assured that we will keep the ideal you lived and died for, alive. We will hold the baton of freedom, justice and equity firmly till we passes it on to generation after us. We will continue the struggle for a better, just and equitable society till we join you.

Revolutionary Don, we will never forget your clarity of purpose, genuineness and commitment to the struggle, your strong stand against oppressive government and the oppressors, your intellectual agility, your never die spirit, your bravery in the face of teargas, guns, and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s).

We condole with your immediate family and revolutionaries around the globe.

Rest in Power, Revolutionary Sir Don! Adieu Comrade Wale Salami, fare thee well!

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