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Tuesday RapAround: Truth, They Say, Is Bitter

Truth, They Say, Is Bitter By Michael Ayotunde 

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For the umpteenth time, we are confronted with a ‘no-holds-barred, ‘point blank’, ‘s’abe n’ko and walk freely’ kind of vituperations – and this time around, from the least expected quarter.

To a lay man, these may sound quite illogical and roundly unbelievable. But when such ‘frank talks’ kept coming in their hundreds, one has no choice than to conclude that indeed, all is not well, and that this might just be a true reflection of the minds or feelings of hundreds of thousands of party faithful – majority of who may not have the courage to come forth and most surprisingly, to openly express their apparent bewilderment about the state of things in the country.
To every attack or challenge, however, there must be ‘fire-back’ and or ‘backlash’ as the case may be. This, specifically, is the modus operandi of some schools of thought. To them, under no circumstances should you allow anything to go unattended to. You just have to defend, whether it is reasonable or not. You just have to respond.

But to defend and or offer valuable explanations about any raging issue with decorum, courtesy, and with every sense of honesty, truthfulness and responsibility is different ball game.
To the amazement of this writer, when has defence, even in the face of apparent confusion, becomes an option? Unfortunately, the barrage of defence are not even addressing the various issues under review, rather they have consistently and callously been knitted together – one: to deliberately conceal the truth to deceive unsuspecting members of the public and two, to blame others.

Suffice to say the current administration at the federal level is in it its third year. And how a sitting government, that is actually in power for nearly three years, has consistently blame its predecessors for its inability to deliver real dividends of good governance to its people, still beats one’s imagination.

Without mincing words, the current administration’s focus is squarely on blame game, as against the governance it is supposed to pay attention to. But the question is did Nigerians voted for a government whose sole objective and aim is endless lamentation?

The simple truth is anyone who cannot afford criticism should not even dare to near position of responsibility, because you have a duty to perform and where you fail to live up to, the people has the right to complain. Or is Nigeria under an emperor or a totalitarian leader – one which abhors confrontations?

Even chief executives of other government agencies have all joined in the bandwagon of attacking perceived opponents of the present administration. People that on their own, do not have any credibility to come to the foray. People that have failed to lead by good example in their respective quarters.

This, they have done and followed religiously, more than their statutory duties.

On the list are: Director-General of News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Osita Okechukwu; Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd), a man who is famous for being a civilian Controller-General having vehemently declined donning Customs traditional uniform; not even Senate’s resolution could swayed his avowed stance to show leadership by example to the teeming officers of the agency; then you also have the Chairman of Presidential Advisory Council on Corruption, Itse Sagay, who’s reputed for always firing from all cylinders.

Prof Itse Sagay
Prof Itse Sagay

Added to this list are the presidential spokespersons: one, Femi Adesina was never known to be a die-hard, highly critical person. It is obvious the elusive change mantra has, and is still taking its tolls on him; Garba Shehu is only living out his very real self, no doubt. From his days as a guest columnist with the defunct Compass Newspaper, he has always been a highly controversial man. Since his infamous rodent siege, the whole world is still waiting to see when the running of things would start at the official presidential office.

Femi Adesina
Femi Adesina

Toeing the path of others before him, an APC leader in Osun State, Amitolu Shitu, was quoted as saying that President Muhammmadu Buhari has failed in his campaign against corruption. Mr. Shittu was said to have asked the President to sack suspended Secretary General, Babachir Lawal and the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS, Usman Yusuf.

Garba Sheu
Garba Sheu

It is on record that Lawal, Yusuf, and most recent and deafening of it all, Maikanti Maina and others have allegations of corruption levelled against them. Shitu said the President had failed many Nigerians, who voted for him to rid the nation of corruption. His exact words: “President Buhari was seen as a man of integrity and a leader, who would fight corruption, which has prevented Nigeria and Nigerians from developing. Unfortunately, he has failed in his anti-corruption war. He failed, not because he is stealing money, but because he allowed corrupt politicians around him to hijack governance from him and run the affairs of the nation with impunity.

Amitolu Shittu
Amitolu Shitu

“It is not enough for the President to suspend the SGF and the NHIS boss, I believe he should sack them. And not only these two officials, there are others who were accused of corruption. Nothing has been done against them. Buhari’s campaign against corruption has failed and the rate of corruption now is so alarming.”

Ordinarily, for daring to come out and say this, just like others before him, it is certain his dozier must have been prepared by now or is still under preparation – all for torrent attacks by the Lilliputians and boot-lickers that parades themselves as presidential spokespersons at the villa.

Their disposition to issues of national importance is nauseating. Must you exchange fire for fire, as if you’re in a war with your supposed citizens? Why must they be so adamant to corrections or other laudable advice and or suggestions that are capable of engendering meaningful transformation in the country? By virtue of being in position of authority, does that automatically bestow sound mind and sound judgment? Why are they not open to useful suggestions from eminent Nigerians? Is being an Island of some sort truly beneficial to a country like Nigeria with diverse socio-cultural heritage?

The definition being given to the all-important offices of spokespersons in Nigeria, to say the least, is absolutely unattractive. This is with particular reference to government quarters. This, no doubt, may not be unconnected to the inherent desire to dance tune to the dictate of the faceless semi-gods – all in a bid to keep one’s position.

One thing that is paramount is whatever you do today, surely will become history tomorrow.

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