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BBNaija: How Efe WON by FAILING the reality TV Show

I know somebody out there will be reading this piece and saying to himself or maybe laughing hysterically that the writer of this piece must be off his rocker. “How could this clownish ‘writer wanna-be’ be associating a winning brand like the logistics crooner, Efe Ejegba, with failure? This writer definitely has no clue!”

Like Mr. Eazi will say, hey! Please HOLD UP for a second and follow my line of thought as I take you through the FAILING POINTS of our dearly beloved Efe.

First of all, please don’t go down low. Big Brother Nigeria show is a ‘reality’ TV show where house mates are supposed to live their lives in an enclosed and controlled environment, with little or no interactions with outsiders. First, how can a TV show be real? I mean TV is generally associated with make-believe. Therefore if you are able to pretend in a very convincing manner, you can literally bring warm tears into the eyes of your audience; that is the rule of the game!

Reasons why Efe failed the TV show:

1.  He was very ORIGINAL:

Take it or leave it, everyone in the show already had a script in their heads, buried within the deepest and darkest part of their subconscious. Most of the housemates started to play and display their scripts hoping to convince you and I that they are REAL. However, the only housemate who really failed in that area was Efe. He failed because he must have decided to extricate any script embossed in his mind; all he did was to come with is original and ‘diamond in the rough’ self to play the game. A wise man once said ‘TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE’. Efe failed the test of make-believe but won and literally stole our hearts away by being original…Believing in his make! Lesson learnt: You may fail to feign reality all in the name of show, but you will succeed when reality shows up.
2. He connected to his ROOT:
There something very special, almost ethereal about a man that is able to relate and connect with his root – his people, experiences, and culture. While other housemates related fairly on their connectedness to their root, Efe displayed a humongous relish and deep collection with his root – experiences with his people (Niger-Delta), his sometimes tumultuous and rickety experiences growing up, and a deep connection with his culture. Lesson learnt: In Sound Sultan’s voice: ‘no matter where you go make you no forget area o’.


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