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Five Things You Should Know About Monkeypox



Recently, Nigeria recorded cases of monkeypox outbreak, which has also taken lives of few carriers.

Monkeypox is a rare viral zoonotic infectious disease transmitted from animals to humans that occur sporadically, primarily in remote villages of Central and West Africa near tropical rainforests.

Here are five things you should know about monkeypox:

1. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has confirmed 157 cases of monkeypox across 26 states in the country.

2. The rash from monkeypox is painful. Monkeypox symptoms include fever, headaches, swollen parts of the body, back pain, and sore muscles. Typically, the face, palms, and feet are where the rash appears. It is quite painful and itchy. They also result in wounds and scars on the body.

3. In Congo, monkeypox was first identified among monkeys. The monkeypox virus is what causes the disease. The first instance of it was found in 1958 in lab monkeys. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, monkeypox was first detected in a human being in 1970. (DRC). Since that time, numerous nations in central and western Africa, including Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Liberia, and many others, have recorded cases of monkeypox.

4.Contact is how monkeypox spreads. Through intimate contact with those who have the disease, monkeypox can spread. It enters through the mouth, nose, eyes, and any skin breaks. Infected animals, such as monkeys, rats, and squirrels, as well as contaminated objects, can also spread the disease through sex and direct contact.

5. Taking precautions such as hand hygiene is especially important following interaction with diseased or suspected infected animals or humans. Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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