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Just In: Missing Radioactive Capsule Found In Australia



Authorities in Australia say they have found a tiny radioactive capsule which went missing last week.

Emergency services had “literally found the needle in the haystack”, authorities in Western Australia said.

A huge search was triggered when the object was lost while being transported along a 1,400km (870-mile) route across Western Australia, reports the BBC.

Mining giant Rio Tinto apologised for losing the device, which could have posed a serious danger if handled.

The capsule – which is 6mm (0.24 inches) in diameter and 8mm long – contains a small quantity of Caesium-137, which could cause skin damage, burns or radiation sickness.

Emergency services used specialised equipment including radiation detectors during their hunt.

Announcing their find on Wednesday, the state emergency services paid tribute to “inter-agency teamwork in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds”.

The device was being used at a mine in the remote Kimberley region. Rio Tinto had earlier promised to launch an investigation into what had happened.

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