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Let’s End Xenophobia With Arts And Music, Ex-Rep Member Tells African Leaders



A former member of the Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Mr Bimbo Daramola says, there is need to explore the potentials of Arts and Music to end Xenophobia in Africa.

Consequently, Mr Daramola who is the promoter of Bridge Concept Nig Ltd, a Public Relations and Mass Communication outfits is putting together the first ,” All African Stars Concert Performances”, with the theme, “Xenophobia, Never Again”.

The event is scheduled to hold in major cities across the Africa continent.

The concept, according to the former lawmaker include the mobilisation of ” All across the continent stars to perform an Anti Xenophobe song, similar to the popular, USA,” We are the World”.

Mr Daramola, popularly refer by his admirers as Congressman Bimbo Daramola has on 8th of March, 2012 moved a motion on the floor of the House of Representatives, drawing the attention of the entire continent to the dastard consequence of xenophobic attacks ,if not quickly nipped in the bud; but unfortunately, such was ignored and the scourge snowballed into the regrettable massacre, reprisal, repatriation and almost a breakdown of diplomatic ties.

Explaining the imperative of Arts and Music as panacea to Africa Xenophobia, Mr Daramola recalled the effective role that music played in uniting people as a universal language, and more relevantly, the role it played in the struggle against Apartheid regime of the then South Africa, “where continental music giants sang songs of mobilisation that united and sharpened the resolve against Apartheid regime with songs like, ” free Mandela, we want to see you back in Soweto, fire in Soweto by Nigerian Sony Okosun.

He said such songs and performances dominated with messages of unity and togetherness would awaken the consciousness of Africans and mobilise them towards a common front which saw to the collapse of Apartheid.

Its the contention of the promoter of Anti Xenophobia Arts and Music performances concert that solution to the despicable racial hatred in the continent could not be left to ,”Bilateral talks, Diplomatic finesse and seldom legislative condemnation “, whereas it required other stakeholders’ sustained initiatives and involvement.

He argued that the segment of the society that perpetrate such attacks resided on the streets and did not understand the gamut of diplomatic and bilateral negotiations,but creative activities like the music and arts would incorporate them.

Mr Bimbo Daramola who is a public relations and communication strategist pointed out that Music and Arts perspectives would provide the “creative impetus crucial to the renewed social reconnect ions, re-engagements, reorientation and reintegration strategies that compliment diplomacy initiatives that would reconnect with a renaissance of Africaness.

The concert which will be the first non diplomatic initiative in Africa will be accompanied by different commemorative Memorabilia

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