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Govt Should Account For What They Do With Revenue Accrued From Tax Annually-Akinlabi



Government at all levels have been charged to be accountable for tax revenue collected annually so as to serve as encouragement for the tax payers.

This assertion was made by a reknown business morgul in Osun state, Mr. Akinlabi Oluwasegun while speaking with newsmen in Osogbo, the state capital on Thursday.

According to him, tax payers were curious about what government is doing with the tax collected yearly to enable them have sense of belonging on how they were been governed.

Akinlabi who is the Chief Executive Officer of JUSSEG group of companies emphasised the need for the tax payers to have robust relationship with the government through various opportunities created by the government to suit their purpose.

According to him, a business owners who pays tax to the government regularly both at the federal and state level, he is not satisfied by how the tax invaded on the business owners is been used,saying businesses suffered a lots of setback in Nigeria due to insincerity of the usage of tax money by the government.

He posited that, despite paying double taxes, government is not doing enough to encourage business to thrive in Nigeria because of uncondusive environment.

Akinlabi further said, business in Nigeria are crumbling due to double taxation invaded on the business owners of which the impact is not felt on their businesses.

He said as a young enterpreneurer who ventured into series of businesses and who have traveled far and near in the world, government policies and multiple tax invasion in Nigeria without any economical effects rendered many companies unproductive as government is not doing enough to support the creativity of the people who doesn’t depends on white collar jobs.

Akinlabi hinted that, in some developed countries like USA, Canada and United Kingdom, government used to give account on how the tax collected is been spend , they even refund reminants to the tax payers which serves as an encouragement to do more, saying Nigeria should take a clue from these developed countries so as to develop economically and boost the moral of enterpreneurer.

He said, government should provide enabling environment for enterpreneurer to florish in Nigeria so as to boost the economy of the nation, adding that, they should bring about policies and programs that will suit the purpose of enterpreneurer to thrive.

“There in Overseas, government would help you develop your platform but here in Nigeria, you are going to do everything on your own, nobody is going to assist you in sustaining your business.”

“We are having issues with our economy in Nigeria, the risen and fallen off dollars is not helping, we have issues with getting the materials needed for production”.

“The market competition is another problem arised as a result of our bad economy, you will have to buy your material at the exhorbitant price, produced quality items and hence sell at affordable price due to bad economy.” He added.

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