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Why I killed My Two-day-old Grand Daughter With Sniper



Tope Akinola, a Forty-seven-year-old grandmother who was arrested recently for allegedly killing her granddaughter with poisonous substance has opened up.

While being interrogated by the police, Tope Akinola told Daud Olatunji that she poisoned her granddaughter with poison because she cannot afford to feed her and the mother as she doesn’t want to be a beggar on the street.

She confessed to committing the crime, added that she had wanted to abort the pregnancy for her daughter when she discovered that she was pregnant but her pastor stopped her, so she waited until the moment the baby was delivered at the hospital where she feeds her with sniper.

While confessing, Mrs tope said her daughter’s husband never showed up since she put to bed, his family only came to her twice while she was pregnant.

“I gave her money twice for medical bills and since I didn’t have money to give her again, I couldn’t be going to beg on the streets”

She said she regretted her action, never knew it was wrong.

“I want the government to help me. It never occurred to me that it was against the law.”

Tope Akinola, a trader who lives at Ofin area of Sagamu in Ogun State is married to Kassim Akinola, a wood seller.