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(TuesdayRapAround) 2019 Elections: Institutionalised Rigging To The Rescue?

It remains to be seen how prepared is the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for the conduct of a truly free, fair, and credible elections come 2019. Elections conducted in recent times, have no doubt, fell below expectations. Reports of ballot box snatches are rampant; with the latest trend, though …

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(TuesdayRapAround) 2019: Nigeria And Gale of Defections

The last may not have been heard as preparation towards the 2019 general elections hots up. In recent times, defection and counter defection from and across various political parties in the country have been recorded. Interestingly, one striking feature that characterises most cases of such defections, was – ‘having consulted …

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(TuesdayRapAround) Democracy In Nigeria: Certainly Not Yet Uhuru

Democracy In Nigeria: Certainly Not Yet Uhuru By Michael Ayotunde (Too bad that Nigeria is practising democracy without true democrats. Everyone is busy scheming for oneself; where will of the majority has been supplanted.) Democracy, the world’s most advanced, flexible system of governance, is no doubt, built on the equality …

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